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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Fall 2012

Fall 2012, MA218

Course outline.

Lecture Notes (Numerous mistakes crept in when I prepared it and I will be correcting them when I use it next time around. In the meantime, please do send me your discoveries. For the students who were in the lectures, please rest assured that everything in the lecture was correct.)

Sample definitions. (Updated, Oct. 2)

Assignment 1, solutions (Updated Oct. 4)

Assignment 2, solutions (Updated Oct. 15)

Assignment 3, solutions (Updated Nov. 05)

Assignment 4, solutions (Updated Nov. 20)

Assignment 5, solutions (continuing, Updated Dec. 04)

Midterm, solutions (Updated Oct. 24)

Slides for Heron's formula (Updated Nov. 03)

Slides for Nine Point Circle (Updated Nov. 03)

Felix Klein's article (Erlangen program) (Updated Nov. 20)

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