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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Laurier Central Recycling Standard

Laurier Central Recycling & Waste Program

Laurier now has extensive outdoor commingled recycling and organics infrastructure to accommodate expansion of the indoor central recycling and waste program. Many of Laurier`s Waterloo campus buildings are already outfitted with the program, which has helped us achieve a diversion rate of 63% and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 11% in one year (2012).

Program Goal: Improve Laurier’s waste diversion rate to comply with our Sustainability Policy, Sustainability Action Plan and the Ministry of Environments diversion goal for universities.

Program Objectives

  1. Improve office recycling and waste services
  2. Improve efficiency of custodian pick up and resource use
  3. Increase education and awareness of Laurier recycling programs

Program Description

The new and improved office recycling program replaces all desk-side recycling and garbage bins with a set of centralized bins located within each department or geographic area. The program removes desk-side bins in place of a centralized multi-sort area. Individuals are responsible for sorting recyclables and waste at the centralized area. For areas that are less proximate or have higher paper content compared to others may keep their recycling bin but must dispose of the contents in the multi-sorts themselves. The bins are properly covered and emptied daily. The set of centralized bins will provide services for:

  1. Commingled recycling: paper products, aluminum, plastic and glass
  2. Organics
  3. Garbage

Program Highlights

Central sorting area in each department

Increases diversion rate, reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Organics program

Daily pick up

Better signage and new attractive bins made from recycled plastic

Increases education and awareness

Reduces consumption of resources

Refer to the Laurier Central Recycling Standard for specifications on all units used