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October 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Science

The following is a list of Sustainability Researchers in the Faculty of Science.



 Research Topic(s)

 Deborah MacLatchy
  • Ecology and biotoxicology
  • Endocrine disruption in aquatic environments
  • Aquatic environmental contaminants (pulp and paper, mining, sewage)
  • Women in science
 Douglas Woolford  Mathematics
  • Study of environmental problems using applied probability and statistical methods
  • Forest fires and climate change 
 Jim McGeer
 Biology  Environmental effects monitoring
 Kevin Stevens   Biology
  •  Anthropogenic stressors of wetland plant ecology
  • Determining the capacity of wetland plant communities and wetland plants to mediate the adverse effects of human population growth.
 Manuel Reimer
 Psychology Community-based change for the promotion of environmentally sustainable behaviours, networks and collaboration, change within complex social systems, evaluation research, and implementation and sustainability of social programs.
 Marc Kilgour
 Mathematics  Environmental management
 Michael P. Wilkie
  • Environmental physiology Fish physiology and metabolism
  • Sea lamprey biology
  • Fish gill structure and function
  • Toxicology of waterborne metals to fishes
  • Toxicology of sea lamprey pesticide