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December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Arts

The following is a list of Sustainability Researchers in the Faculty of Arts.



 Research Topic(s)

 Anne Brydon
 English & Film Studies
 Cultural politics of nationalism and environmentalism
 Alex Latta
Global Studies
  • Environment, energy and resources
  • Environmental citizenship
  • Environmental justice
 Alicia Sliwinski
 Global Studies
  • Anthropology of development
  • Humanitarianism
  • Disaster studies
  • Reconstruction
 Alison Blay-Palmer
 Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Food sustainability
  • Alternative food systems
  • Sustainable food report card
 Andrea Brown
 Political Science
 Nutritional well-being and public policy addressing poverty in Uganda.
 Bob Sharpe
 Geography & Environmental Studies
  • The status of geographic education in Canada.
  • The creation and role of geographic and environmental information systems for community-based problem-solving.
  • Assessing the role of information technologies in social science education with a focus on geomatics and GIS.
 Brenda Murphy
 Geography & Environmental  Studies
  • Risk and resilience
  • Natural hazards
  • Climate change research processes
 Brent Wolfe
 Geography & Environmental Studies
 Impact of climate change and variability on water resources
 Bruce Arai  Humanities & Social Sciences Sociology of work, health, education and environmental sociology
 Byron Williston
 Philosophy  Environmental ethics, specifically the ethics of climate change
 Carl Simpson
Communication Studies
  • Ethical issues in the food industry
  • other topics: automobiles, roads, oil production, distribution and use
 Carole LeClair  Indigenous Studies  Aboriginal environmental thought
 Christopher Lemieux  Geography & Environmental  Studies
  • Environmental policy alternatives
  • Barriers to climate change adaptation within resource management organizations
 Debora Van Nijnatten
North American Studies
Canadian and American environmental policy, including air quality and climate change policy, transboundary institutions and state-province comparisons.
 Denise Grafton  Geography & Environmental  Studies Rural health geography, historical geography, provision of services and rural community sustainability, research ethics & quality improvement
 Derek Hall  Political Science
  • Environmental politics
  • Political economy of food, land and agriculture 
 Janet McLaughlin
Health Studies
  • Migrant worker health
  • Global and environmental health
  • Food systems
 Jody Decker  Geography & Environmental  Studies  Geographies of health and place
 John Triggs  Archeology & Classical Studies Archaeology of the Historic Period in North America, and understanding factors involved in the rise and fall of historic places
 Judy Bates  Geography & Environmental  Studies Local labour markets, changing work arrangements, gender, paid and unpaid work, quality of life
 Kim Anderson  Indigenous Studies
  • Indigenous environmental thought
  • Community-based indigenous research
  • Indigenous feminism and masculinity
 Lucy Luccisano
  • Globalization
  • International political economy
  • Gender and development
  • Inequality, poverty and social policy with a specialization in Mexico
 Markus Poetzsch  English  Ecocriticism 
 Mary-Louise Byrne
Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Physical geography and impacts of environmental management
  • coastal and aeolian geomorphology
 Michael Imort
Geography & Environmental Studies
The connection between the cultural construction of the cultural landscape as a symbolic environment, and the political uses of that symbolism with a focus on the German forest landscape.
Rhoda Howard-Hassman
Global Studies
  • International human rights
  • Economic human rights
  • Comparative genocide studies
  • Sociology and politics of human rights
  • Women's international human rights
  • Gay and Lesbian rights
  • Human rights and retrospective justice
  • Human rights and globalization
 Rob Milne  Geography & Environmental  Studies
 Robert Feagan  Contemporary Studies
  •  Alternative and Localized Food Systems
  • Sustainable Community Development
  • Cultural/Environmental Philosophy and Management
  • Globalization
 Robert McLeman  Geography & Environmental  Studies
  • Human dimensions of environmental change
  • Environment and human migration
  • Fostering citizen participation in environmental science 
Scott Slocombe
 Geography & Environmental  Studies The challenge of managing diverse human activities in large regions while maintaining environmental integrity and sustainability.
 Sean Doherty  Geography & Environmental  Studies Human activity/mobility patterns and decision making, including tracking methods, modeling, and the impacts on health, safety, and the environment.
 Simon Dalby  Geography & Environmental  Studies
 Stephen Haller  Contemporary Studies Environmental issues, especially predictions of global catastrophe that might result from, say, overpopulation, global warming, or nuclear winter
Steven Roberts
Geography & Environmental Studies Design and development Geographic Information Science based tools for use in understanding landscape structure and in decision support applications for environmental land use planning.
 Tanya Richardson  Anthropology Politics of nature and environmentalism in the Odessa region of Southern Ukraine