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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

School of Business and Economics

The following is a list of sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses offered by the School of Business and Economics. Please note that course content varies depending on the assigned instructor, and that some courses are not offered every term.

Sustainability-Focused Courses


  • BU 411 Business Strategy for Sustainability

  • BU615     Environmental Management Economics
  • BU701 Competitive Strategy for a Sustainable World 
  • EC238    Environmental Economics
  • EC318    Economics of Natural Resources

    Sustainability-Related Courses


    • BU111    Introduction to Business Organization
    • BU121    Functional Areas of the Organization
    • BU 398   Organizational Behaviour
    • BU455    Transportation and Facilities Management
    • BU461r   Social Entrepreneurship
    • BU485     Environmental Management for Operations
    • BU492j    Marketing & Society
    • BU645     Supply Chain Management
    • BU650     Ethics and the Conduct of Business
    • BU657     Financial Statements
    • BU661     International Strategy
    • BU699     Design Thinking  
    • BU732     Strategic Brand Management


    • EC236    Economics and Demography