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December 3, 2016
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  There is no commitment to the conservation of species diversity in Laurier's Sustainability
  Policy. How should the Policy be amended to reflect the issue of conservation? Send your
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Environmental conservation is the practice of sustaining species diversity and reducing the amount of damage that people have on natural habitats. It is important to maintain an on-campus environment that is rich in biodiversity, including plant and animal life, by being conscious of the practices used to maintain the _MG_7096small.JPGgrounds and by reducing liter and other pollutants. Conservation efforts help to improve the air quality as well as the aesthetic appeal of the campus and help foster a positive environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

At Laurier 

Essentially all of the initiatives that the Laurier Sustainability Office has in place work towards conserving not only the immediate, on-campus environment, but also play an important role in conserving the global environment.  

Tree Resource Analysis

The Grounds Division of Physical Resources has collected field data such as plant taxonomy, dimensions, environmental conditions, location, and photo documentation of each tree on campus. Tree health, diversity, maintenance requirements, and pest/disease problems are also highlighted. The collected data will be analyzed by software and organized into a digital database that will be able to generate information about species composition and available planting space. This initiative will help provide an understanding of the existing urban forest and is an excellent way to evaluate the benefits of campus trees in terms of how they affect the University’s carbon footprint and overall environment.


Natural Landscaping

The garden area adjacent to MacDonald House Residence houses a 10,000 gallon water cistern to collect rain/storm water that will service the campus grounds. This project exhibits pollinating and native plant species to attract butterflies. The cistern will eliminate the need for sourcing water through the City of Waterloo for landscaping maintenance and has resolved flooding issues.

Material Reclamation

As a part of Physical Resources new Design Guidelines, the Sustainability Office contributed a Building Material Reclamation specification in order to salvage, reuse, and/or recycle materials that are a product of demolition or redevelopment.