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October 27, 2016
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Sustainability produced food is an important area for the Laurier Sustainability Office in terms of social, economic, and ecological principles.

Concerns and criticism about modern food production relate primarily to the application of pesticides, irrigation methods, genetic modification, carbon emissions, and international trading, causing significant damage to water supplies, soil degradation, large amounts of carbon emissions, and more.

Learn about the importance of local food and how you can choose local easily at Laurier. Check out the presentation below to learn about how our food choices can play a big part on living more sustainably.



All Laurier food areas at the Waterloo and Kitchener campuses have public area composting centres, and several buildings have already been outfitted with department area reycling and organics centres. These initiatives have helped Laurier achieve a 62% waste diversion rate.

Food Services

Food Services, contracted to ARAMARK, integrates sustainability into their practices according to ARAMARK’s Green Thread Program. The key areas encompassed by Green Thread are: Sustainable Food, Responsible Procurement, Waste Management, Energy and Water Conservation, and Education and Engagement. The following is a list of some examples of sustainable food practices that Food Services has implemented on campus:

  • Fair trade coffee is available at the Fresh Food Company, Espresso’s and the Waterloo College Café.
  • Produce is purchased from a local produce supplier or from within Ontario when greenthread.JPGpossible.
  • Customers who use travel mugs receive a 10˘ discount.
  • All take out containers are biodegradable. Customers pay an additional 25˘ when they get their food “to go” in order to offset the additional cost of biodegradable containers. To properly dispose of these containers, place them in the organics slot of the multi-sorts.
  • All shell eggs are cage free.
  • All desserts and pastries sold in the Fresh Food Company come from a local patisserie

Vegetarian resources:

Food Services provide information on a vegetarian diet.

For more information, visit Campus Dish online.

Catering Services

Catering Services is more than willing to work with their customers to develop a menu that meets their sustainable food requirements whether that’s local produce, fair trade coffee, vegan or vegetarian options. Contact Kelly Ough ( to discuss your sustainable food options.

The Terrace Food Court

The Terrace has undergone many changes in order to be more sustainable, including:

  • Featuring more local food in order to reduce travel distances.terrace_normal_1.JPG
  • Using High Efficiency dishwashers and an Air Water station.
  • Using China dishware at Union Market and the Pita Shack.
  • Replacing disposable fountain beverage cups with reusable plastic cups.
  • Using reusable to-go containers.
  • Providing discounts for coffee to customers with travel mugs.
  • Organics compost bins, to efficiently make use of biodegradable waste.
  • New, insulated and efficient Energy Star flooring.
  • “Market Special” meals at Union Market are made from locally grown ingredients.
  • Union Market Salad Bar contains greens grown on site in their "Urban Cultivator"

For more information, visit their Terrace Food Court's Webpage.

Urban Gardening

Young City Growers

Laurier's Northdale community garden project is well under way this season under the advisory of Young City Growers. YCG works to increase participant's knowledge and skills of organics farming, environmental stewardship, local food systems, and entrepreneurial skills in operating a CSA micro-urban farm. Visit the Young City Growers CSA Market at Laurier and get your weekly veggie basket! Participants pick up a bushel of vegetables a week for $15. To participate in the CSA Market, Sign up here!


Laurier hosts a urban garden plot on the Northdale Campus, which is run by Patchwork Community Gardens and KW Urban Harvesters.