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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

P-Card Use

The purpose of the Wilfrid Laurier University Purchase Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost effective method of acquiring and paying for small dollar purchases. The program is designed to reduce departmental purchase orders, eliminate use of petty cash and personal funds reimbursements and provide a variety of reporting options. Although the mechanics of the program are simple, it can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and cost of an organization's procurement and accounts payable processes.

Purchase card is a 2 card system.  A PURCHASE Card for Goods and Services and a TRAVEL card for Travel and in town meals and catering.

For Purchase and Travel card manual - Scotia Bank VISA, click here.

Scotia Bank Online User Guide (including card activation), click here.

Apply for a Procurement Scotia Bank VISA card, click here.

P-Card Travel and Meeting Expense Report

Used for reimbursement for travel and meeting expenses charged to a P-Card. Complete page 2 first. Information will then automatically populate on page 1. This form needs to be completed to record all travel and meeting expenses incurred during the period and submitted with the cardholder's monthly statement.

Click here for a P-Card Travel & Meeting Expense Report