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December 6, 2016
Canadian Excellence

2010/2011 Executive Board of the WLU Religion and Culture Society

WLU Religion and Culture Society

As the WLU Religion and Culture Society celebrates its 10th anniversary, there is great hope the student-run group will continue to provide a unique academic training ground through its annual arts conference.

Founded in 2001, one of the main objectives of the society is to host an annual Interdisciplinary Arts Conference (IAC). The IAC provides undergraduate and graduate students throughout Ontario the opportunity to present their research. Students are provided with tips on how to present ahead of the conference, and they undergo a question-and-answer session at the end of their presentation.

“It’s a chance for young people still at university to present their research,” said Helen Reid, 2010-2011 society president. “It’s an academic experience that is not always available to students at university.”

The 2011 conference featured the theme "WAKE UP! The World Awaits You." Fred Penner, a Canadian children's entertainer that many adults may also know for his cover of the hit song "The Cat Came Back," gave special keynote presentation where he annotated his songs.  The conference also featured a performance by world-renowned sitarist Irshad Khan and spoken-word author and poet,  Sheniz Janmohamed.

A large student executive was involved in organizing the conference this year. Having a large executive allowed the society to offer a new series this year called “Sacred Sundays.” Three or four Sundays a semester, the group visits various places of worship.

“It can be scary to go on your own if you’ve never been to church, or a mosque,” said Reid.

As for the future, Reid hopes the momentum for the WLU Religion and Culture Society will continue to grow.

“This is an honourable annual moment that happens at Laurier – and it would be great to have it recognized more and more by Arts students who go to Laurier.”