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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence



When students graduate from Laurier, they join more than 70,000 former students as members of the Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association (WLUAA).

WLUAA does many things – it fosters and promotes alumni interaction with the university, promotes Laurier’s profile, provides affinity programs, organizes alumni events, celebrates accomplishments through the WLUAA Awards of Excellence, and funds scholarships for current Laurier students.

Operating behind the scenes at WLUAA is a group of volunteer board members who are not only committed to the university, but who also exemplify Laurier’s spirit of leadership and purpose through their volunteer activities in the community.

Some WLUAA board members coach children’s sports teams and lead Boy Scout groups, while others contribute their expertise to health-related organizations, educational initiatives and environmental organizations. Many also devote their time as members of faith-based committees and musical organizations. One board member even serves as a celebrity clown in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade!

Their reasons for volunteering are straightforward. From wanting to give back to their school or community, wanting to support organizations that make a huge difference in people’s lives, the desire to give more than just money, or quite simply, “because I am able,” these WLUAA board members are an inspiration to the Laurier community and beyond.