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June 24, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Distinguished Governor Award


The Laurier Distinguished Governor Award provides a mechanism for recognizing retiring and retired members of the Board of Governors who have given outstanding service to the University. Such recognition is not forthcoming to all retiring members of the Board but is limited instead to those who in the judgment of their peers, have provided active and distinguished service to the University in their capacity as members of the Board.

A formal call for nominations is extended each year, with the nomination form and accompanying information posted on the University Secretariat website. It is expected that no more than one award would be granted on an annual basis. Recognition will take place during Spring convocation, a Chancellorís Lunch or Dinner and the annual meeting of the Board.


  • have served on the Board of Governors for the equivalent of two full terms or six years;
  • have taken an active interest in the affairs of the University and in the activities of the Board of Governors; and

  • during the individualís tenure of office as a Governor of the University, have made a significant contribution to the life and development of the University

Selection Process

Those wishing to nominate a Governor for the award will be expected to complete the nomination form and submit to the attention of the University Secretary by the deadline below. The Nominations Committee will assess all nominations. In the event of the nomination of a member of the Nominations Committee, it would be understood that a member of the Executive & Governance Committee would replace that individual on the Nominations Committee.  Recommendations will then be presented to the Executive & Governance Committee for final approval in March/April. Recipients will be informed by the Board Chair immediately thereafter.

All materials submitted will be held in strict confidence.

Nomination Form  Past Board members are eligible to be considered. Please submit a form by Tues April 26, 2016. 

For a list of eligible Board members, click here

Past Recipients of Distinguished Governor Award

2014-2015 Farouk Ahamed

2013-2014 Claire Duboc

2012-2013 John Ormston

2011-2012 Mary DíAlton, Joan Fisk

2010-2011 Beverly Harris, John McCutcheon

2009-2010 David Horman, Pat Krajewski

2008-2009 Gerry McGrath

2007-2008 Jim Beingessner (inaugural recipient)