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September 26, 2017
Canadian Excellence

How to update or create your Experts at Laurier Profile

Thank you for taking the time to update your Experts at Laurier profile! Not only will you be increasing opportunities to promote your research in the news media, but you’ll also be helping to generate awareness and enhance the academic reputation of Wilfrid Laurier University.

Step 1. Logging In

  • Type into your web browser. Enter your Novell log in (eg. jdoe) and password.
  • Under “select a section to edit” click on “manage contacts” under the site content sub-menu.
  • Click on your name.
  • A few seconds after you click on your name, you should see five tabs appear near the top of the screen: General information, Contact Information, Background Information, Experts Information and Misc.

Step 2. Contact Information

Click on the Contact Information tab:

  • In addition to your Laurier phone number, we strongly recommend that you enter your cell phone number in the “phone (mobile)” section as well as an alternate email address in the “E-mail 2” section if you regularly use an email address other than your Laurier address. This additional contact information will enable reporters to reach you if you are away from your office.
  • If you are not comfortable making this information available to the general public, please consider supplying Public Affairs with this information so that we can reach you on a reporter’s behalf.

Step 3. Expert Information

Click on the Expert Information tab to enter information in the following sections: Languages Spoken, Areas of Expertise, Press Photo and In the News. Details on how to fill in each section are outlined below. 

Step 4. Languages Spoken

  • If you are fluent in languages other than English and are comfortable conducting an interview in multiple languages, please indicate the languages here. CBC is often looking for French-speaking experts. (Hold the control key down – shift if you’re using a Mac - while clicking to select multiple languages.)

Step 5. Areas of Expertise

  • You may see text in this section. If so, please review it to make sure it is accurate, and update it with any new information. Then proceed to Step 6.
  • If this area is blank, please add your areas of expertise, with one topic per line, followed by a semi-colon, for example:
Parkinson’s disease;
Brain research, brain control of movement;


  • Things to consider: 
When listing your areas of expertise, please keep it brief and make your keywords as descriptive as possible, including sub-topics of your research. 

Please consider how a reporter might search for an expert in your field – the reporter might use a general term such as “banking,” or a more specific term like “international monetary policy,” so it’s helpful to list both. 

Step 6. Press Photo

  • Adding a press photo to the Experts Information tab will allow us to include you in the “featured experts” rotation of the Experts at Laurier website, where we highlight a different expert each week. 
  • Photo tips: although your headshot doesn’t need to be professionally done, we would prefer colour head-and-shoulder poses of a professional nature rather than those taken in a casual setting. The press photos you post as part of the Experts Information will not replace those you may already have on your personal Laurier web page, so you can maintain any casual photos you have there. 
  • How to: If you have a current headshot, please press the “choose file” button in the press photo section, which will allow you to select your photo from where it is saved on your computer. Please make sure your photo is saved in a jpeg file format and is exactly 160 pixels wide by 214 pixels tall. Then press the “upload” button to add your photo. If you have trouble posting your photo, please email it to Lori Chalmers Morrison in Public Affairs ( If you would like Public Affairs to take your head-and-shoulder photo, please also contact Lori.
  • Last word on photos: if you do not currently have a photo on your personal Laurier page and you’re adding one to the press photo section under the Experts Information tab, please consider adding it to your personal page as well (you can do this by clicking on the “General Information” tab and following the steps above in the “Image” section. Please note that the photo size requirements are different (200 pixels wide by 134+ pixels tall).

Step 7. In the News

  • If, during our media monitoring process, we come across a news article that mentions you or your research, we may post it to your Experts site. Similarly, if a reporter has interviewed you, please let us know! 
  • You can also add a link to a news article that appears on a media outlet’s website yourself using the following steps: type the title of the article in the blank white space in the In the News section, select the text you just typed, then click on the “insert Web link” button (the globe with a chain link) and type in the URL in the pop-up box for the article’s location on the media outlet’s website. For example, if the article appeared in The Record, the URL would be something like this: By doing this, when you click on the title of the article, it will lead you to the article online. 

Step 8. To save your changes

  • Once you have entered the above information, click on the Mark as Current box so a check mark appears, then press the orange “save” button at the bottom. Your information will be sent to Public Affairs as pending. After Public Affairs makes your expert information live, you will notice a list of your expertise in the top right corner of your web page. Your information will also be accessible by searching the Experts at Laurier website.

How to Become a Featured Expert

  • We will randomly feature three different experts each week. The featured experts will have their photos and a list of their areas of expertise posted to the main Experts at Laurier site. If for any reason you are not willing to be featured, please let us know. Only our experts who have uploaded press photos will be featured in this section, so please upload your photo as described in Step 6 above.


If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact Lori Chalmers Morrison ( or ext. 3067).


Thank you for participating in Experts at Laurier!
The Public Affairs Team