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September 23, 2017
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On RogersTV "Talk Local" Feb 2012

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RogersTV, "Talk Local" program, hosted by Mary Cranston, Feb 3, 2015.

Waterloo Region Record, “Trying to find local food? There’s an app for that”, Jan 27, 2015, by Anam Latif. Web Link

The Waterloo Chronicle, “Smart APPetite”, Wed Jan 20th, 2015. By James Jackson. Web Link

RogersTV, Daytime”, with Host Susan Cook-Scheerer, First Aired Jan 15, 2015.

The Woolwich Observer, New Development Whetting your APPetite for local food”, Jan 10, 2015, page 14. By Scott Barber. Web Link

570 News Interview, “Tech Spotlight”, hosted by Eric Drozd, Dec 23, 2015. Listen to the 10 minute interview here.

WLU Press Release, "Smartphone app helps promote healthy, local food options", Dec 17, 2014. Web Link.

InsideLAURIER, Professor Cooks up Recipe for Successful Field Camp: Sean Doherty Makes Meals for 100 People Over 4 Days at Provincial Park”, Nov 2014, page 7. By Justin Fauteux. Web Link

U. Western Ontario Press Release, "New Smartphone App helps users 'Buy Local, East Smart, Get Healthy', Nov 21, 2014. Web Link

EatDrink, "The SmartAppetite App Stands Out: A Local Collaboration", Nov/Dec 2014 #50, by Bryan Avery.  Web Link

Doherty appears in D2L video for their new LeaP product.

The Londoner, "An app to find homegrown food", July 3, 2014.  Web link to front pageWeb link to article.

Communitech, “DATA.BASE partner sets course to improve accuracy of shipping routes”. Communitech Work News, Jan 6, 2014. Web Link

InsideLAURIER, “Mapping the link between blood sugar and location: Sean Doherty uses modern technology to help diabetes patients better manage the disease”, February 2012, page 7. By Mallory O’Brien. Web Link

Waterloo Region Record (daily newspaper), “Diabetes study finds location link: Monitoring tool could help doctors tailor advice for diabetic patients”, Nov 23, 2011, B1. By Johanna Weidner. Web Link

The Cord (WLU weekly newspaper), “Studying diabetes with GPS: Prof explores blood glucose levels over geographical spaces”, Volume 52, Issue 16, Nov 23, 2011. By Marissa Evans. Web Link

WLU Press Release, "Diabetes study reveals correlation between location and blood glucose levels", Nov 18, 2011. Web Link.

Waterloo Region Record, 2009 Technology Spotlight magazine, “Spatial Diaries can improve patient care”, by Gavin Crutchley. Web Link

InsideLAURIER (Monthly newsletter) “Interactive Learning: A look inside the lecture hall”, April 2009, by Mallory O’Brien. Web Link

Research@Laurier (quarterly newsletter), “Selling a dream: Tech transfer brings innovation to the marketplace”, Spring 2009, by Barry Reis. Web Link

TORONTO rehab (quarterly magazine), “High tech ways to manage blood sugar”, Spring 2009. Web Link

Technology for Doctors (monthly magazine), “Geographic tools add new dimension to data”, April 2007, by Saul Chernos. Web Link

RIM Partner Press Release, “Pilot study provides diabetic patients and caregivers with high-tech approach to monitoring and care”, January 23, 2007 by RIM. Web Link

WLU Press Release, “Pilot study provides diabetic patients and caregivers with high-tech approach to monitoring and care”, December 18, 2006 by Web Link

Other items ... 

May 16, 2012, Dr. Doherty is appointed as Full Professor (effective July 1, 2012), based on unanimous recommendation by the Senate Promotion and Tenure Committee, and confirmation by university president Max Blouw.  

May 27th, 2012, Dr. Doherty is invited to to present at the 12th Annual Diabetes Meeting, on the topic "Taking CGM to a new dimension with geographic information" to take place in Bethesda, Maryland from November 8-10.  He has also been invited by the editor to submit an article to the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology based on the presentation.    

April 28, 2012, Dr. Doherty leaves for a one month Visiting Professorship at the University of Sydney, Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies

Nov 18, 2011, See the latest News Release "Diabetes study reveals correlation between location and blood glucose levels" by WLU.

Nov 2, 2011, Dr. Doherty's latest paper "Exploring blood glucose variation over geographical space" is cited as a "Hot Paper by Canadian Geographers" in the latest issue of GeogNews, the news Digest of the Canadian Association of Geographers.

Oct 17, 2011, Dr. Doherty is invited as a panelist to discuss "The Past, Present, and Future of Mobile Health Technologies", at the "Mobile Health Symposium: Imagine the Possibilities of M-Health Technologies", at the University of Toronto’s Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre.  Click here for symposium details.

Jan 2011, Dr. Doherty receives a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the Transportation Research Board, National Academies, Washington, D.C., in recognition for leadership as committee chair and 10+ years service.

Jan 2010, Dr. Doherty developes the GATE (GPS and Acceleromter TrackEr) software – A Blackberry OS Java software applications that simultaneously tracks GPS and accelerometer data, displays in graphically on screen, compresses it, and transits it to a central server.

Dec 2, 2009, Dr. Doherty is invited to address the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Visiting Delegation concerning "Healthcare application of Human Activity Tracking Technologies", in the Paul Martin Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Oct 23, 2009, Dr. Doherty is invited to Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto to talk about " Tracking and Visualizing Kids’ Movements with GPS & Google Earth", as part of the Doing Research With Kids: Designs, Dilemmas & Directions 3D Workshop.

July 2009, Check out the Google Earth files depicting GPS tracked data, recently posted on the GPS page.  From an M-spiral fun application, to extensive tracking of physical activity.

June 2009, Dr. Doherty uses his GPS tracking technology to create art at the Spotlight on the Arts Festival in downtown Kitchener June 5-7.  Check out the resulting GeoMosaic or see the Critical Media Lab team at work at .

Dec 2008, Dr. Doherty receives travel grant and is appointed as Visiting Professor in the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney. He will work with Dr. Stephen Greaves on developing a model of diabetic patients’ blood glucose fluctuation as a function daily activities and travel, food consumption, and exercise.

Mar 17, 2008, Dr. Doherty surprises students on St. Patricks day with green suit. See pics here ...

Mar 5, 2008, Dr. Doherty to give seminar on "Remotely monitoring Diabetic Patients Daily Activities"at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, 2008 Diabetes Symposium at Bineman’s Park in Kitchener.

January 2006, Dr. Doherty receives Fred Burggraf Award from the Transportation Research Board (National Academies, Washington, D.C.) in recognition of excellence in transportation research by researchers 35 years of age or younger. 

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