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October 27, 2016
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Faculty & Staff Parking

Faculty & Staff Parking Permits
On-campus parking is available to all faculty and staff members upon request. There are no designated parking spaces unless a "Reserved" or "Carpool" parking spot has been purchased. Please refer to the campus parking map for designated faculty/staff parking lots. Payment via cash, cheque, debit, credit and payroll deduction is available to all faculty and staff.  Payroll is not an option for contracts or terms less than one year. 

Brantford Faculty and Staff parking permits will allow those displaying their pass to park ONLY in the Gold Parking Permit Areas at the Waterloo Campus.

New permits will not be issued to individuals who have outstanding parking fees. The hangtag must be attached to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle with the permit number clearly visible through the windshield. Vehicles which fail to properly display a valid permit will be ticketed by the City of Brantford.

For those individuals who have lost their parking permit, a replacement permit can be requested through Service Laurier Brantford at a cost of $35. 

General On Campus Gold Parking Fee Schedule May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017:

       Full-Time Staff & Faculty   $389.32 plus HST (8 months)                                                                   

       Part-Time Staff (Contract less than 1 Year)    $97.33 plus HST (per term)

       Part-Time Contract Faculty    $129.77 plus HST (per term)

       Part-Time Continuing Staff     $292.00 plus HST  (8 months)

       Motorcycle   $52.41 plus HST   (8 months)

*Motorcycle permit is free with the purchase of another vehicle permit

Carpool Parking (RAC & DC Lots)   $148.15 plus HST/Per Person  (8 months)

Reserved Parking (limited locations)   $866.23 plus HST (1 Year)

To accommodate all faculty and staff who wish to have a parking permit, Laurier Brantford has arranged for spots to be made available at the City Parking Garage (59 Icomm Drive). Employees choosing to park at the parking garage will be given a swipe card to access the lot. As this service is arranged by Laurier Brantford Parking Services, all inquires and transactions will be conducted through Service Laurier Brantford in GRH202.  The cost for Staff and Faculty at the City Parking Garage is $644.16 plus HST for 1 year. 

Faculty and staff who only require a permit for one term or for September to April use only, must return their permit to Service Laurier Brantford once they no longer require a space. Faculty and staff who require full year use do not need to return their permit, simply discard permit upon expiry.

Please refer to the Parking Lot Locations Map for a detailed view of the parking lot locations on campus

Temporary Waterloo Faculty & Staff Parking Permits

For a detailed summary of the multi-campus parking guidelines please click here.

Faculty and Staff who do not already have a parking permit may obtain a temporary pass for use on the Waterloo Campus. Permits are available at Service Laurier Brantford for one-day parking. All temporary passes must be signed out and returned to Service Laurier Brantford. Passes will permit parking ONLY in the Gold Parking Permit areas at the Waterloo Campus.