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May 26, 2017
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Courses Available Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Muslim Studies Courses for 2015-16

Muslim Studies courses are open to students regardless of discipline or major. Students registered in the Option should note that MZ 200 is not being offered in 2015-16. We hope to offer it the following year.

MZ 201: The Religious Heritage of Islam (Video Linked with Istanbul)(Fall - Dr. Brockett)

MZ 300: Beauty in Muslim Contexts (Fall) (Dr. Zaidi)

RE 349: Contemporary Debates in the Muslim World (Video Linked with Istanbul) (Winter Dr. Brockett)

GS 400: Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror (Fall and Winter Dr. Zaidi) (This is the 1.5 credit GS Research Seminar that will be partly Video Linked with Pakistan)

AB 101: Modern Standard Arabic (Fall) (Dr. Beggar)

AB 102: Modern Standard Arabic II (Winter)

AB 245: The Arab Spring Through Culture (Winter) (Dr. Beggar)

AB 395B: Hollywood and the Arab-Muslims

MI 201: Introduction to Mediterranean Culture and Civilization (Fall) (Dr. Beggar)

MI 202: Introduction to Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II (Winter) (Dr. Beggar)

GS 325: Islam, Culture and Society (Winter) (Dr. Khan)

WS 490G: Gender, Culture and Islam (Winter) (Dr. Khan)