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October 27, 2016
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Elective Courses

Please note that the following courses may not always be offered every year. Please check the Class Schedule web page to view which courses are offered when.

Please note you are only allowed to take 1.0 credit in Arabic towards the Muslim Studies Option.

Courses with a * need approval from the Coordinator.

AB201: Intermediate Arabic I

AB202: Intermediate Arabic II

AR226: Byzantine and Early Islamic Archaeology

*GS221: Globalization and Cultures: The Cosmopolitan Village?

*GS222: Contemporary Western Societies: Globalization and Cultures

GS325: Islam, Culture and Society

*GS340: Special Topics in Global Studies

*GS422: Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror

*HI228: Survey of Modern Asian History

HI265: Modern Middle East

*HI325: Imperialism, Race and Post-Colonial Legacy

*HI367: Cold War: Middle East

HI368: Ottoman Empire

*HI410: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

MI201 and MI202: Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I and II

ML300G: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Medieval World

MZ300: Special Topics

*PY220: Indian Philosophy

*PY261: Medieval Philosophy

*RE101: Religions of the Americas: Asian and Middle Eastern

*RE208: Roots of Western Religions

RE227: Religions and Culture of the Middle East

RE306: Contemporary Islam

RE377: Gender and Islam

RE338: Islamic Mysticism

*SY418: Advanced Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

WS307: Gender and Social Politics in Contemporary Muslim Societies

*WS308: Gender, Cinema and the Third World