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December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Chairperson, MSW Committee, in progress:

Lindsey Thompson (2008), “University and Community Collaboration within a Globalized Context.

Audrey Morrison (2010), “Exploring the Impact of a Gay-Straight Alliance: Case Study of a Local High School in Fergus, Ontario.

Julie Bartlett (2010), “Assessing the Impact of Religion on Social Service Delivery: Case Study of Morocco.”

Jay Harrison (2011), “Understanding the Needs of Psychiatric Survivors Attending Undergraduate Studies.”

Member, MSW Committee, in progress:

Carly Gaylor, MSW in progress, “Exploring Socio-Economic Diversity in the Hamilton Welcome Inn Community Centre and Church: A Case Study.”

Andrea Macarthur, MSW in progress, “Assessing Youth Volunteerism in Social Service Agencies.”

Chairperson, MSW Committee, complete:

Leslie St-Jacques (2004), “Insights: An Exploration of Experiences with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder.”

Paul Millar (2004), “Welcoming the Stranger: Mennonites and Refugee Assistance.”

Gillian Wells (2007), “Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Social Services in the Region of Waterloo.” Winner of Gold Medal for Best Master’s Thesis.

Melanie Heu (2007), “An Exploration of Hmong Youth Volunteer Activities in the Waterloo Region.”

Morgan Voituk (2007), “An Exploration of Collaboration between Non-Profit Organizations Working with Vulnerable Populations in the Waterloo Region.”

Alison Martin (2007), “Assessing the Impact of Re-integration Services for Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda.”

Member, MSW Committee, Complete:

Bonnie Lipton (2004), “The Bald Truth: Assessing the Need for the Creation of a Canadian Alopecia Network.”

Seth Leftowitz. “Environmental Issues in Social Work Education.”

Jennifer Evans (2007), “Role Changes and Birth Order for Parentally Bereaved Adolescents.”

Christine Paramonczyk (2007), “The Relationship between Women, Homelessness and Health in Kitchener-Waterloo.”

Michelle Bloom (2009), “Vicarious Trauma and ChildYouth Workers: A Quantitative Study.”