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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Conference/Keynote Presentations

September 2012 Keynote: Leadership and Legacy in Scholarship Attributions", Centre for Community Based                                     Research, Helmut Braun Awards Ceremony, Kitchener, Ontario

May 2012 Keynote: “Bringing Back the Front Porch: Reclaiming Inclusive Communities” Peace and Diversity Symposium, Brantford, Ontario.

April 2012 Keynote: “What we Claim to be True”, Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Claimants, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Coalition, April, 2012.

November 2011 “Reflections of a Garage Sale Academic: Understanding UniversityCommunity Collaboration,” Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action, Community Psychology Program, Wilfrid Laurier University.

November 2011 Keynote: “Perception and Diversity in Municipal Community Outreach Efforts,” Human Library Initiative, Kitchener, Ontario.

November 2011 “We are a Sensitive Bunch: Promising Practices in Clinical Supervision in the VAW Sector,” Workshop, Violence Against Women Symposium, Central West Region of Ontario.

November 2010 “Working with Survivors of War, Torture and Organized Violence: Contexts of Best Practices for Social Service and Health Care Providers,” Metropolis Project, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 2010 Keynote: “Thriving in Infertile Ground: On the Merits of Competing Philosophies, Collaboration and Innovations in VAW Work,” Violence Against Women Forum – Central West Region of Ontario, Kitchener, Ontario.

May 2008 “Exploring the Impact of Co-operatives on the Lives of Minority Francophones in Southwestern Ontario,” SSHRC Symposium on the Social Economy, OISE, Toronto.

May 2008 Keynote: “InsiderOutsider Gazes in Volunteer Work,” Community Justice Initiatives, AGM, Kitchener, Ontario.

June 2006 Keynote: “The Dance of Dysfunction: Harmonizing Mandated Work within a Context of Community Engagement,” Region of Waterloo Human Resources Conference, Waterloo.

May 2006 “Working with Fractured Communities,” SSHRC Symposium on the Social Economy, OISE, Toronto.

May 2006 Keynote: “When Tyrannies Meet: On the Merits and Challenges of University and Community Collaboration,” Community Psychology Conference, Wilfrid Laurier University.

May 2006 “Why Social Work Educators Should Address Matters of Spirituality in the Classroom: Case Study of the Survivors of War and Torture Project, Hamilton, Ontario,” First North American Conference on Spirituality and Social Work, University of Waterloo.

May 2004 Presentation on issues of diversity within Schools of Social Work in English Canada, Regroupement universitaire francophone des écoles de travail social, Association canadienne-française pour l’avancement des sciences, Montréal,Québec

May, Oct, Dec, 2003    “Existe-t’il une spécificité en violence familiale en milieu ethnoculturel?,” Table de concertation contre la violence de Montréal.

March 2003 “Institutional Repositioning in the Face of Diversity,” Continuing Education Series, Faculty of Social Work.