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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Chairperson, Doctoral Committee, complete:

Trish Van Katwick, Ph.D. (2006), “The Social Construction of Mothering and Maternity Benefits in Canada.” Winner of Gold Medal for Best Doctoral Thesis.

Member, Doctoral Committee, complete:

Jonothan Lomotey, Ph.D. (2010), “AIDS and Traditional Culture in West Africa.”

Susan Hardie Ph.D. (2009), “Ethics and Social Work Education in Canada.”

Chairperson of Doctoral Committee, in progress:

Robert Case (2007): “The Moral Economy and the politics of water in Southwestern Ontario”.

Satya Ayinagadda (2008): “Impact of the Social Economy on Immigrant Populations in Southwestern Ontario”.

Sandy Hoy (2008): “Social Determinants of Health on Blue Collar Workers in Southwestern Ontario”.

Sadia Gassim (2010): “Environmental Impact of Water Drought on Kenyan Nomadic Communities”.

Stephanie Baker (2011): “Understanding the Linkages Between Men, Addictions and Domestic Violence”.

Funke Oba (2011): “Understanding Academic Success Factors of African Canadian Boys in High School”.

Member, Doctoral Committee, in progress:

Janet Balfour, “Assessing the Impact of Community Based Research on Community Groups.”