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October 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence


"As an instructor who honors critical thinking, particularly as it relates to the practice of social work both in international and North American environments, I attempt to bridge theory and practice through a variety of methods. First and foremost, I make it very clear to my students that I do not believe in the misguided elevation of one form of social work practice over another. As such, all stakeholders in my classes are valued regardless of their chosen social work orientation. Secondly, I attempt to facilitate processes in the classroom which encourage a learning environment which promotes mutual respect, risk-taking and collaboration. By honoring the collective wisdom which is inherent in any classroom, I then attempt to introduce pedagogical methods inherent within adult learning and experiential learning principles. Finally, I believe it is vitally important to honor the diversity of ideas which should inform social work practice and as such, I draw upon community faculty resources in order to enrich and challenge all basic assumptions which we may hold in the study of social work practice."

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Women's Studies (WS 100)

  • Women and Social Justice (WS 306)

MSW Courses

  • Community Interventions (SK 501)

  • Adult Education, Empowerment and Leadership (SK 600)

  • Diversity, Oppression and Marginalization (SK 507)

  • Assessment and Evaluation in Social Work Practice (SK 505)

  • Understanding Organizations in Social Work (SK 602)

  • Social Change Social Action (SK 610)

  • Reflective Group and Community Practice (SK 508)

  • Organizational Practice (SK 679)

Doctoral Courses

  • Developing the Comprehensive Proposal (SK 820)

  • Critical Issues in Anti-Racist Scholarship Relative to Pathways to Integration: Advanced Reading Seminar

  • Deconstructing Mothering Discourses: Advanced Reading Seminar

  • Selected Topics on Ethics and Diversity Issues: Advanced Reading Seminar

  • Aboriginal Social Movements and Community Work: Advanced Reading Seminar

  • The Politics of Water in a Globalized Economy: Advanced Reading Seminar