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September 1, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Our Students

Former Students

Name Grad Year Type Title
Candace Schneider 2006 MRP The Ideal Free Distribution and Migration Dynamics for a Single Species and for Two Competing Species
Shengkun Xie 2006 Thesis Markov Switching and Jump Diffusion Modesl with Applications in Mathematical Finance
Md. Abul Bashar 2007 Thesis Partial Separability and Partial Additivity for Orderings of Binary Alternatives
Denise Gutermuth 2007 MRP Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids: what are they and what are they good for?
Kazi Rahman 2007 MRP Modelling the spread of HIV/AIDS in India: The role of transmission by commercial sex workers
Jing Wang 2007 Thesis Portfolio Selection in Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Worlds
Di Zhang 2007 Thesis First Passage Time Problem for Multivariate Jump-Diffusion Processes: Models, Computation, and Application in Finance
Jasmine Kohli 2008 MRP Option Pricing under the CEV Model subordinated by a Gamma process
Laleh Samarbakhsh 2008 Thesis Web Search Algorithms and PageRank
Xiaojing Xi 2008 Thesis Modelling Asset Prices under Regime Switching Diffusions via First Passage Time
Kaijie Cui 2009 MRP Fast Gaussian Transform for Pricing American Options
Andrew Elkington 2009 Thesis Strict-Dominance Solvability of Games on Continuous Strategy Spaces
Noor Hadi 2009 Thesis Models for On-line Social Networks
Hui Li 2009 Thesis First-Passage Time Models with a Stochastic Time Change in Credit Risk
Keang Ly 2009 Thesis Applications of New Diffusion Models to Barrier Option Pricing and First Hitting Time in Finance
Sara Vakilian 2009 Thesis Simulation Studies on Estimation of Variance Components for Multilevel Models
Ming Bao 2010 MRP Darwinian Dynamics Approach to Evolutionary Stability for Competition and Epidemiology Models
Mohamed Bendame 2010 Thesis Mathematical Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Oscillators with Shape Memory Alloys
Crina  Cismaroiu 2010 MRP First-Hitting Time Distributions for a New Family of Diffusions
Alexandru Costea 2010 Thesis Computational and Theoretical Aspects of N-E.C. Graphs
William Reardon
(Halim Nasser)
2010   MRP Solvable Nonlinear Mean Reverting Interest Rate Model
Dhanya Shrowthi 2010 MRP Quantile Regression for Complex Survey Data
Dmytro Sytnyk 2010 Thesis Mathematical Modeling of Quantum Dots with Generalized Envelope Functions Approximations and Coupled Partial Differential Equations
John Talboom 2010 MRP Automorphism Groups of Nilpotent Lie Algebras over Commutative Rings
Andrey Vasilyev 2010 Thesis Financial Securities under Nonlinear Diffusion Asset Pricing Models
Siying Wei 2010 MRP Automorphism Group of Lie Algebras from Two-Dimensional Quantum Tori
Karl Wouterloot 2010 MRP Pricing Step Options & Other Occupation Time Derivatives Under the CEV Model
Danielle Alessio 2011 Thesis Conformity Games
Andrew Kabbes 2011 Thesis A Procedure for Fair Division of Indivisible, Identical Objects with Entitlements
Breanne King 2011 MRP Mathematical Models for Sleep/Wake Dynamics and the Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Shudong Li 2011 Thesis Generalized Multilevel Models for Data From Complex Systems
Julie Nadeau 2011 Thesis Mathematical Models for Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Gyanendra Pokharel 2011 MRP Genomic Data Analysis with Graphs
Stephanie Walsh 2011 MRP Cluster Analysis of Biological Data
Shyam Dadimuni 2012 MRP Exploring Forest Fire Ignition Data with Functional Data Analysis
Bodan Gavrilas 2012 Thesis Quadratic Formulas for Quaternions when the Coefficients are Complex
Arash Soleimani Dahaj 2012 Thesis Time Series Analysis and Calibration to Option Data: A Study of Various Asset Pricing Models
Surya Lamichhane 2013 MRP Stability Analysis of an SEIAR Influenza Model
Jingyu Ma 2013 Thesis Morse Theory and Its Applications
Amira Ragab 2013 Thesis Towards Robust Recognition of Sign Language
Ram Sigdel 2013 MRP An Introduction to Modeling the Spread of Infectious Disease with Imported Infection
Qiuzi Tan 2013 Thesis Options Pricing Under Subordinated Brownian Motion Models: A Variance Reduction Approach
David Dick 2014 MRP Introduction of a Stochastic Compartmental Disease Model with Arbitrary Interaction and Recovery Distributions
Glynis Jones 2014 MRP Pricing Options With Hybrid Stochastic Volatility Models
Damaris McKinley 2014 Thesis Relative Equilibria of Isosceles Triatomic Molecules in Classical Approximation
Ziyi Ni 2014 MRP Structural Credit Risk Models with Occupation Times
Limeng Shi 2014 MRP An Introduction to Statistical Quality Control with Applications to Historical Forest Fire Data
Emily Sung 2014 MRP Dynamic Interbank Networks

Current Students

There are currently 10 students enrolled in the MSc program in Mathematics for Science and Finance, with 4 of those students in the Thesis option. 


Candace Schneider Gold Medal for Academic Excellence at the Graduate Level, MSc 2007
Dmytro Sytnyk
Gold Medal for Academic Excellence at the Graduate Level, MSc 2010