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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Areas of Research

Aquatic Toxicology, Animal Physiology and Environmental Risk Assessment (Dr. Jim McGeer)
Botany, Plant Systematics and Biodiversity (Dr. Mihai Costea)
Computational Biology (Dr. Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb)
Contaminant Effects on Fish Health (Dr. Deborah MacLatchy)
Environmental Resilience of Waterborne Pathogens  (Dr. Robin Slawson)
Evolutionary Genetics & Behavioural Ecology (Dr. Tristan Long)
Fish Physiology & Toxicology (Dr. Michael Wilkie)
Flexibility of Respiratory and Photosynthetic Electron Transport Systems (Dr. Allison McDonald)
Forests and Global Change (Dr. Jennifer Baltzer)
Innate Antiviral Immune Responses (Dr. Stephanie DeWitte-Orr)
Microbial Glycobiology (Dr. Joel Weadge)
Molecular Plant Cell Biology and Biochemistry (Dr. Matthew Smith)
Reproductive Biology & Ecology of Songbirds (Dr. Scott Ramsay)
Roles Played by Plant Hormones in the Regulation of Legume Symbioses (Dr. Frederique Guinel)
Stream Ecology (Dr. Jane Rutherford)
Wetland Plant Ecology (Dr. Kevin Stevens)

Biophysical and Medicinal Chemistry (Dr. Masoud Jelokhani-Niaraki)
Chemical Education (Dr. Stephen MacNeil)
Chemistry Laboratory for Environmental Aquatic Research - CLEAR (Dr. Scott Smith)
Materials Chemistry at the Nanoscale (Dr. Vladimir Kitaev)
Membrane Biochemistry (Dr. Lillian DeBruin)
Multiphase Environmental Physical Chemistry (Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh)
Organic Synthesis and Materials Chemistry  (Dr. Ken Maly)
Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis (Dr. Dmitri Goussev)
Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography and Chemical Education (Dr. Louise Dawe)
Structural Biology Using X-ray Crystallography and Biomolecular Interactions (Dr. Michael Suits)
Theoretical/Computational Chemistry (Dr. Ian Hamilton)

Behaviours Exclusion and the Health and Well-being of Gender and Sexual Minorities (Dr. Robb Travers)
Biomechanics (Dr. Diane Gregory)
Emergency Medical Services & Pre-hospital Care (Dr. Renee MacPhee)
Fish Physiology & Toxicology (Dr. Michael Wilkie)
Health Care Services Research for Older Adults (Dr. Dawn Guthrie)
Innate Antiviral Immune Responses (Dr. Stephanie DeWitte-Orr)
Membrane Biochemistry (Dr. Lillian DeBruin)
Nutrition and Breast Cancer Survivorship (Dr. Vivienne Vance)
Physiology of Hormonal Influence on Muscle Damage and Repair  (Dr. Peter Tiidus)
Strengthening Health Equity (Dr. Ketan Shankardass)

Biomechanics (Dr. Diane Gregory)
Disability and/or Chronic Illness (Dr. Margaret Schneider)
Ethical and Sociocultural Aspects of Sport (Dr. Tim Elcombe)
Emergency Medical Services & Pre-hospital Care (Dr. Renee MacPhee)
Examining Health, Illness and Disability through Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies (Dr. Paula Fletcher)
Group Dynamics and Physical Activity and Sport (Dr. Mark Eys)
Health Care Services Research for Older Adults (Dr. Dawn Guthrie)
Lifespan Motor Behaviour Lab (Dr. Pam Bryden)
Neural and Biomechanical Aspects of Dynamic Balance Control (Dr. Stephen Perry)
Olympic History (Dr. Stephen Wenn)
Parkinsonís/Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation (Dr. Quincy Almeida)
Perception and Control of Locomotion Across the Life Span (Dr. Michael Cinelli)
Physiology of Hormonal Influence on Muscle Damage and Repair  (Dr. Peter Tiidus)
Psychology of Physical Activity and Health Promotion (Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson)
Social Class and Gender Issues in the Social History of Modern Sport (Dr. Rob Lake)
Sport and Exercise Physiology (Dr. Kim Dawson)

Algebraic and Analytic Number Theory  (Dr. Chester Weatherby)
Applications of Mathematics to Problems of Politics, Economics, Negotiation, and Management  (Dr. Marc Kilgour)
Applied Mathematics  (Dr. Cristina Stoica)
Dynamical Systems, Functional Differential Equations and Mathematical Epidemiology (Dr. Connell McCluskey)
Environmetrics, Applied Probability and Queueing, and Applied Statistics (Dr. Douglas Woolford)
Evolutionary Game Theory (Dr. Ross Cressman)
Financial and Computational Mathematics  (Dr. Roman Makarov)
Financial Mathematics (Dr. Adam Metzler)
Functional Differential Equations and their Applications (Dr. Yuming Chen)
Lie Algebra, Associative Algebra, Linear Algebra, Division Algebra, Mathematical Physics (Dr. Kaiming Zhao)
Mathematical Finance (Dr. Joe Campolieti)
Mathematical Finance, Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods (Dr. George Lai)
Mathematical Statistics (Dr. David Vaughan)
Symplectic and Complex Geometry, Floer Homology, Orbifolds, Generalized Geometry, Dynamic Systems, Topology (Dr. Shengda Hu) 

Algebraic Combinatorics (Dr. Angele Hamel)
Algorithms for Combinatorial Matrices (Dr. Ilias Kotsireas)
Classical and Quantum Information Theory and Data Compression (Dr. Alexei Kaltchenko)
Computer Algebra and Accelerated Computing (Dr. Eugene Zima)
Computational Photonics  (Dr. Marek Wartak)
Dependable Multi-Computer Networks, Dependable Computer Systems, Fault-Tolerant Broadcasting and Gossiping Algorithms, Distributed Databases, Data Mining, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (Dr. Siu-Cheung Chau)
Graph Theory and Algorithms (Dr. Chinh Hoang)
Integrated Optics, Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices and Fiber Optics (Dr. Paul Jessop)
Pattern Recognition  (Dr. Maher Ahmed)
Photonics and Nanophotonics (Dr. Li Wei)
Quantum Information Science and and Quantum Computation (Dr. Shohini Ghose)
Reconfigurable Interconnection Networks with Applications (Dr. Hongbing Fan)
System-on-chip, Optoelectronics, and Photonics (Dr. Shaowen Song)

Adolescent and Adult Social and Personality Development (Dr. Michael Pratt)
Behavioural Neuroscience of Addiction (Dr. Roelof Eikelboom)
Behavioural Pharmacology (Dr. Paul Mallet)
Behaviours Exclusion and the Health and Well-being of Gender and Sexual Minorities (Dr. Robb Travers)
Animal Social Behaviour, Social Learning and Social Evolution (Dr. David White)
Child Language and Math Lab (Dr. Joanne Lee)
Children's Memory and Learning in Applied Contexts (Dr. Kim Roberts)
Close Relationships (Dr. Justin Cavallo)
Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication Lab (Dr. Jeffery A. Jones)
Community and Education (Dr. Colleen Loomis)
Community Mental Health (Dr. Geoff Nelson)
Comparative Cognition (Dr. Angelo Santi)
Electrophysiological Investigations of Language and Cognition (Dr. Todd Ferretti)
History, Philosophy and Ethics of Psychology (Dr. Richard Walsh)
Human Memory and Attention (Dr. William Hockley)
Indigenous Health and Social Justice (Dr. Terry Mitchell)
Language and Literacy (Dr. Alexandra Gottardo)
Living and Learning in a Digital World (Dr. Eileen Wood)
Moral Development Across the Life-span  (Dr. Tobias Krettenauer)
Neural Computation, Ageing, and Memory - NCAM  (Dr. Diano Marrone)
Neurobiological and Biopsychosocial Mechanisms of Psychoactive Drug use and Abuse (Dr. Bruce McKay)
Personality and Social Interaction  (Dr. Pamela Sadler)
Psychology of Global Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (Dr. Manuel Riemer) 
Self and Social Cognition  (Dr. Christian Jordan)
Social Cognition, Self and Identity, Subjective Time, and Motivatio  (Dr. Anne Wilson)
Social Anxiety (Dr. Nancy Kocovski)
Social, Psychological Investigations into Hypnosis and Eyewitness Memory (Dr. Maxwell Gwynn)
Statistical Methods, Quantitative Psychology (Dr. Robert Gebotys)
Strengthening Health Equity (Dr. Ketan Shankardass)
The Self and Social Cognition  (Dr. Roger Buehler)
Visual Attention (Dr. Elizabeth Olds)