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October 26, 2016
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The Faculty of Science tries to provide the best possible academic advising. Often the answers to student questions are available in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, and students can solve their problems independently. If you need additional guidance, you can make an appointment to see an Academic Advisor.

Please Note: Although academic advising is available within each department or from the Dean of Science office, it is solely the responsibility of students to ensure that they are properly registered and meet course requirements and the requirements of the program for which they are registered. All students should review the course calendar, the relevant program requirements and course information carefully.


What Type of Academic Advisor Do I Need to See?



Departmental Undergraduate Program Advisors are available in each Faculty of Science department and are the first people to approach for information and guidance related to programs of study offered by the department. Program Advisors may assist students with course selection, minors / options, progression requirements and graduation requirements related to a specific major / program of study. For more information about Undergraduate Program Advisors, click HERE.

Note: Students in the Honours Science (without Designation) or the General BSc / BA without Designation program should contact an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Associate Dean: Student Services for guidance regarding their program.

Graduate Students: click HERE to find your Graduate Program Advisor.

The Academic Advisor in the Office of the Associate Dean: Student Services is the initial contacts for general academic advising, academic probation and the petition process, including exam deferrals, in the Faculty of Science. Senior students registered in Honours Science (without Designation) or the General BSc / BA without Designation program should contact this academic advisor for information and guidance. For more information and/or to book an appointment with the academic advisor, click HERE.

Meetings with the Associate Dean: Student Services, Faculty of Science: Dr. Bruce McKay, are typically reserved for students with concerns and questions about complex academic issues, or who are experiencing serious academic difficulties. To book an appointment with the Associate Dean, please call 519-884-0710 ext. 2425, email or come to the Dean's Office (N1048).


If you are not sure who you should see or if you have other general questions, please email:



Other Support Services Available to Students:



Personal Counselling is available to assist students with anxiety, depression, stress, conflict, abuse, grief and more. For further information, click HERE.

The Centre for Student Success supports and enhances students' academic experiences at Laurier. There are five departments that comprise the Centre for Student Success: Accessible Learning Centre (ALC), Central Academic Advising Office, Mathematics Assistance Centre, Student Skills and Supplemental Instruction Centre and the Writing Centre. For more information about the Centre for Student Success, click HERE.

The Career Development Centre supports career development as part of your Laurier experience. Contact the Career Centre for assistance with developing and pursuing your career goals based on your academic program, interests, skills and values. Over 600 workshops and events are held annually and students are welcome to book individual appointments with a Career Consultant for assistance with all career-related issues. The Career Centre also assists students with their application to post-degree academic programs (graduate school, teacher education programs, medical school, rehabilitation science programs, etc.); employment preparation such as resume-writing; job search and interview skills; and connecting with employers including access to a wide range of job postings.

Click HERE to learn more about the Career Centre.

Dean of Students Office: The role of the Dean of Students, Leanne Holland Brown, is to support the personal and academic success of all students. Leanne works closely with students experiencing difficulty (financial, personal, etc.) to establish support networks related to positive well-being and success. For further information, click HERE.

Within the Dean of Students Office is the Student Support Team, with Adrienne Luft as the Mental Health/Student Support Team Leader. Adrienne is available to assist students with on and off campus resources (i.e., Counselling, Health Services, Accessible Learning Centre). For further information, click HERE.