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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Contact Information: Science Departments

Department Chair Administrative Assistant(s) Undergraduate Advisor(s) Graduate Advisor
Biology Dr. Scott Ramsay
Ext. 2406

Melanie Whitwell
Ext. 2905

Sharon Chin-Cheong
Ext. 2189

Dr. Jane Rutherford
Ext. 2500
Dr. Robin Slawson
Ext. 2421
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Ian Hamilton 
Ext. 2669
Jane Davidson
Ext. 2148
Dr. Louise Dawe
Ext. 4963
Dr. Vladimir Kitaev
Ext. 3643
Health Sciences

Dr. Robb Travers 
Ext. 3276

Linda Bennett 
Ext. 4501

Dr. Vivienne Vance Ext. 2122

Kinesiology & Physical Education Dr. Pam Bryden 
Ext. 4213

Connie Palenik       Ext. 4156

Tricia Lutz
Ext. 2116

Dr. Stephen Wenn
Ext. 4160
Dr. Paula Fletcher
Ext. 4159
Mathematics Dr. Ross Cressman 
Ext. 2464
Teresa Wendykier
Ext. 2304
Dr. Roman Makarov 
Ext. 3017
Dr. Connell McCluskey 
Ext. 2847
Physics & Computer Science 

Dr. Marek Wartak 
Ext. 2436

Kelly Kuepfer-Crane
Ext. 2118
Dr. Chinh Hoang 
Ext. 2613
Psychology Dr. Chris Alksnis 
Ext. 4851

Lucy Carreiro
Ext. 3272

Kim Susanna (Undergrad)
Ext. 3664

Rita Sharkey (Grad)
Ext. 3371

Dr. Max Gwynn
Ext. 3854 (Surnames A to K)

Dr. Nancy Kocovski
Ext. 3519 (Surnames L to Z)

Dr. Christian Jordan 
Ext. 2574