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September 28, 2016
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Course Overload Request Information

In accordance with the University Academic Calendar, students must gain permission to enroll in more courses than the normal load for their program.

The normal course load for most Faculty of Science programs is five 0.5 credit courses (or equivalent) per term.

LORIS allows senior students to enroll in six 0.5 credit courses because there are some programs for which this is the normal load. First year students are restricted by LORIS to five 0.5 credit courses (or equivalent) per term.

One additional course to the normal requirements taken in an Honours program (i.e., six 0.5-credit courses or equivalent) must be approved in writing by the Chair (or designate) of the department offering the program.

Each course in excess of six 0.5-credit courses (or equivalent) in any term in an Honours program requires approval in writing by the Associate Dean of Science: Student Services.

Students enrolled in General degree or Honours Science (no major) programs require written permission from the Associate Dean: Student Services to take more than five 0.5-credit courses (or equivalent) in any given term. Students enrolled in General degree programs on academic probation (starting probation as of May 2013) are limited to a maximum of four 0.5 -credit courses (or equivalent) per term while on probation.

To request permission for a course overload for any term, please complete the Course Overload Request form (see chart below for the form that applies to you).

Students enrolling in courses that are additional to the normal program load are reminded that they are fully responsible for doing so and are cautioned against possible academic difficulties.

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