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December 3, 2016
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Service Laurier on the Waterloo campus
Service Laurier on the Waterloo campus

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Laurier Brantford

Service Laurier improves student administrative experience

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Aug 29/12

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Service Laurier model puts a focus on “service” to enhance the student administrative experience. Service Laurier exists on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses and acts as a one-stop shop for Records and Registration, Business Office and Student Awards services. Additional services at the Brantford campus include Parking Services, the OneCard office, internal room booking and class cancellations.

Service Laurier will allow students to access many enrolment-related services – such as ordering transcripts, picking up awards and paying bills – in one location and with greater ease. Laurier’s Registrar Ray Darling says that one-stop enrolment services are “really a best practice at post-secondary institutions.”

“We are very excited to be implementing this program at Laurier,” he said.

On the Brantford campus, Service Laurier was launched in Sept. 2011 in Grand River Hall, under the management of Jennifer Brickman. On the Waterloo campus, Service Laurier was soft-launched in Dec. 2011 on the second floor of 202 Regina St. To date, more than 40,000 inquiries have been serviced between the two campuses.

“Service Laurier Brantford was excited to be a pilot for the one-stop system at Laurier and it has gone very well so far,” said Brickman. “We work hard to make service levels consistent across all Laurier campuses.”

One of the main improvements in the Service Laurier model is a queue system that replaces the standard line-up. Students are asked to not only take a number but also input the area in which they require assistance. This helps tailor which representative will be able to best help the student. If the Service Laurier representative cannot resolve the issue, then students are referred to the appropriate expert in the appropriate department.

On the Waterloo campus, a webcam (which can be viewed online at lets the students see how busy the line is before they come.

“We want to free time for students, so they spend less time dealing with administrative services and more time studying, learning and enjoying their time at Laurier,” said Scott Harris, manager of Service Laurier on the Waterloo campus. 

The ability to gather metrics (such as how long students are waiting, and for what service etc.) will also help to better shape the service in the future. Harris says they are striving for continual improvements to the experience.

In addition to front-line aid, Service Laurier also manages a call centre and email inquiries, and is responsible for the university’s switchboard. There are also self-serve kiosks available in the waiting area. 

Service Laurier handles the majority of student inquiries, and both Harris and Brickman urge staff and faculty to refer students to Service Laurier if they have questions.

“Students sometimes get bumped from department to department in their quest for answers,” said Harris. “By streamlining the system we can eliminate that frustration. Laurier has always been known for its excellent student experience – that should include their administrative experience too.”


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