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December 9, 2016
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From left to right: Charmaine Abalajon, Jonathan Crescenzi, Stacy Anderson, Jamie Donnelly and Amy Lee
From left to right: Charmaine Abalajon, Jonathan Crescenzi, Stacy Anderson, Jamie Donnelly and Amy Lee

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ACE Laurier makes SIFE Finals at the 2006 ACE National Exposition

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Jul 27/06

ACE Laurier had another impressive showing at the 2006 Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition, topping 40 other university and college teams to present in the final round of the competition. 

The SIFE competition was part of the 2006 ACE National Exposition, which took place this spring in Toronto. The event brought together over 400 students from 45 universities and colleges from across Canada. Laurier won first place for three consecutive years in the 2003, 2004 and 2005 competitions.  

The ACE Laurier students who competed this year were second-year business majors Jonathan Crescenzi and Amy Lee, third-year business major Stacy Anderson, first-year biology major Jamie Donnelly and third-year business and math major Charmaine Abalajon.

On the first day of the competition, students presented their innovative and creative business programs to a panel of judges, and the winners competed in five semi-final leagues the following day. Students also had the opportunity to meet with recruiters from some of Canada's top companies during the Career Opportunity Fair and Luncheon. In the afternoon on the second day, the five SIFE teams moving on to the finals were announced.

“When they announced the finalists it was both extremely exciting and nerve-racking, knowing that all of the universities had such excellent programs,” says Crescenzi, who is the vice president of marketing for ACE Laurier. “When we heard our name announced as a finalist everyone was ecstatic. As a group, we chose to present first so we had only 30 minutes to prepare for our final presentation. Half an hour after hearing our names announced we were on the stage presenting to about 500 people – it was an unforgettable experience!”

The presentation provided details of programs that ACE Laurier had organized and provided throughout the school year as well as initiatives they plan to run in the future.  Aboriginal Business, a program where ACE Laurier works with the Chippewa of Georgina Island First Nations to help them develop an entrepreneurial program and Make Over for Success, where ACE Laurier partners with Anselma house to assist women to achieve personal financial independence, are two of the five programs that Laurier presented on.  

“I felt incredibly proud of Laurier’s showing this year,” says Crescenzi. “Laurier has an extremely strong reputation in the ACE community because we have won the SIFE competition for the past three years. I think our performance this year maintained our reputation as one of the premier ACE campuses in Canada.”

Newfoundland’s Memorial University took first place at this year’s competition, but the members of ACE Laurier are keeping their eyes on the future. They’re restructuring their programs and narrowing their focus, dropping to only eight programs from the 40 they’ve operated in the past.

“We feel that now our team is better equipped to make a lasting impression on each life we touch,” says Anderson. “There was a turning point where we realized the true potential of our program and where we could be in the coming years.”

“After winning the SIFE competition three years in a row, the students underwent a series of strategic planning sessions and re-evaluated their programs,” says Steve Farlow, director of the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship. “It’s a great accomplishment for them to have made it to the finals, and now ACE Laurier is rebuilding and implementing their new and innovative programs with the plan to win again in 2007.”

Founded in the mid-1980s, ACE is a national, not-for-profit organization that is igniting young Canadians to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Working in partnership with business and higher education, ACE organizes and motivates teams of university and college students who practice and teach others the principles and values of entrepreneurship and market economics. Today, ACE is reaching thousands through 51 highly dedicated ACE teams across the country.

In 2000, ACE partnered with SIFE to be the official operator of the SIFE program in Canada.  SIFE is a global, not-for-profit organization that is literally changing the world through highly dedicated student teams on 1,800 university campuses in more than 45 countries.

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Mallory O'Brien
Public Affairs


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