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December 10, 2016
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Tips for registering for courses through LORIS

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Jun 22/12

Just as summer begins, new and returning Laurier students are switching their thoughts to fall as they register for courses using LORIS.

Laurier’s Information Technology Services is continuously making improvements to LORIS. Significant system changes last year have eliminated mid-session lockdowns this year. But with so many students accessing the system, Patience 101 is a prerequisite!

Here are a few notes and tips to make your course-registration process run smoothly:

  • If you can’t get into LORIS right away, please know that the system is not broken; it’s just busy.
  • The first 30 minutes of each registration period are the busiest, so you can expect some delays during this time period. As people finish their sessions, it will open up room for new people to log in.
  • The shorter the session times, the shorter the wait times. By preparing in advance for your session, you will spend less time in the system and help to reduce wait times:
  • Ensure that before you log in to LORIS, you have mapped out a conflict-free course schedule, including conflict-free first- and second-choice courses and ensuring that all course components – lectures, labs and tutorials – are also conflict-free.
  • To assist you in mapping out your courses before you log in to LORIS, please visit the Returning Student Guide, accessible from the LORIS home page, the Registrar’s Office site or here: Please also check the Dynamic Class Schedule, which indicates which courses have restrictions, how many spots are available, and if there’s a wait list. The Dynamic Class schedule is accessible from the home page under the academic menu and “class schedules,” or here:
  • If you aren’t able to register for your first choice course, register for your second choice, then check in periodically to see if spots have become available for your first choice.
Updates about the LORIS registration system will be provided on the Laurier home page: and through Twitter: and Facebook:


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