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December 9, 2016
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Wondering what life at Laurier is like? Find out firsthand from student video diaries

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Mar 14/11

Wilfrid Laurier University launched the My Laurier Diary video series today, to show high school students what it’s like to be a student at Laurier.

The My Laurier diaries feature the university experiences of six students from Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Each student shares what Laurier means to them, the types of activities they joined during their university careers, the lessons they learned along the way and how Laurier fostered an environment where they could build their own unique experience.

My Laurier means not one experience is the same,” said David McMurray, vice-president of student affairs. “Laurier offers a variety of services and opportunities that allow students to develop as unique individuals. We hope future students can relate to at least one of the students we feature in the videos.”

Karla Ponce from Laurier Brantford wanted to be a part of the My Laurier Diary series so she could not only share her experience with other students, but also draw attention to the multitude of activities available at Laurier.

“I wanted to show how diverse everyone’s experience can be,” said Ponce. “When you come to Laurier it’s not about being a certain type of student, it’s about doing your own thing and creating a personal experience.”

Featured students include:

  • Fifth-year global studies and political science student TK Azaglo, who talks about his passions, exciting experiences and world travels while a university student at Laurier’s Waterloo campus.
  • Fourth-year concurrent education and human rights & human diversity student Karla Ponce, who speaks about her journey to find herself while studying at Laurier Brantford.
  • Fourth-year business student Aneesh Lal, who emphasizes the importance of a balanced and well-rounded approach to university life at Laurier’s Waterloo campus.
  • Fourth-year journalism and contemporary studies student Alicia Sayers, who provides a sneak peek into a Laurier Brantford residence and shares her experiences creating relationships and finding a community away from home. 
  • Fifth-year communication studies student April Bannerman, who shows how exciting first year at Laurier's Waterloo campus is, and what getting involved with the university community means to her.
  • Fourth-year music student Josh Manuel, who talks about his journey to find the right fit in his program and what he has done to make the most of his university career.

To experience life as a Laurier student, visit the My Laurier Diary playlist on the university’s YouTube channel:


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