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October 26, 2016
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Laurier signs dual credit agreement with Waterloo Regional District School Board

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Jun 28/10

Laurier signed a dual academic credit agreement with the Waterloo Regional District School Board (WRDSB) today. The agreement allows high school students to receive a credit for the Laurier course Introductory Economics (EC120) while still in high school.

“This will provide an opportunity for talented high school students to take an enriched microeconomics course,” says Steffen Ziss, chair of Laurier’s Department of Economics. “If these students intend to come to Laurier then it will provide them with the potential further benefit of having a university credit, which will reduce their first-term workload and improve their chances of success at university.”

Students must achieve more than 75 percent in the enriched high school course and more than 75 percent in a final exam vetted by Laurier. If the student is then accepted to Laurier, he/she will already have the credit for Laurier’s Introductory Economics course.

In addition to recruiting talented students, the program will also benefit Laurier and its students by reducing the class size of the first-year course. In 2009, the enrolment for Introductory Economics was about 1,400.

Laurier's Senate recently approved these types of dual credit courses, and the Department of Economics is the first to take advantage of the new policy.

“We have every confidence that the teachers of the WRDSB can deliver an appropriate course,” says Ziss. “The teacher who will be responsible for coordinating this program is a Laurier graduate of the economics program, and very familiar with the relevant content and standards of a first-year microeconomics course.”


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