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December 9, 2016
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ITS enhances customer service procedures for IT projects

Aug 27/12

On July 3, 2012, Information Technology Services at Laurier (ITS) announced changes to the way it handles ITS service and project requests, including the launch of a new customer service portal. A key feature of the customer service portal is its ability to streamline the ITS project request procedure for clients.

Under the new system, ITS requires Laurier staff and faculty to submit all project requests through the Employee Service Desk, rather than contacting individual ITS representatives. Information submitted via the Employee Service Desk is reviewed by ITS and routed to the ITS representative best suited to assisting the client. The project is also simultaneously entered into ITS’s electronic ticket tracking system.

Centralizing the project intake process gives ITS a global view of all requests in the system. This will lead to better resource management, customer service and follow-up, as well as making for a more transparent system.

“Overall, ITS is making these changes in order to improve project delivery and to partner with our clients to help them achieve their objectives,” said Julie Topic, director of ITS support. “We think this new approach will make everyone’s lives easier when it comes to undertaking IT projects here at Laurier.”

In conjunction with the launch of the new system, ITS is also encouraging all departments to submit project requests at the beginning of the process, when staff are still thinking through their ideas and needs.

When ITS is involved from the beginning of the project process, it can help to identify clients’ objectives, and guide clients through the process. ITS may be able to identify a solution that already exists within the university that can be leveraged to meet the client’s needs, and may also help to avoid situations where a client has purchased software or hardware that isn’t ideally suited to their needs.

“ITS looks at the first contact as a way to begin a dialogue with the client that will lead to a solution,” Topic said.

ITS projects can take many forms. Hypothetical examples include a request to expand wireless capacity in a large lecture hall, sourcing an application to meet a departmental need, and building and/or managing servers devoted to a specific departmental task.

Project requests can be made by calling the Service Desk at ext. 4357 (Waterloo) or ext. 5725 (Brantford), by emailing the desk at, or by entering the information into the desk’s web portal at

For more information about the customer service portal, please click here.


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