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December 6, 2016
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Laurier Research benefits from McGuinty Government’s SHARCNET investment

Oct 25/06

Researchers at Laurier will benefit from the $10.9 million investment into the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET) made by the McGuinty government’s Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Available to 1,200 researchers from across the province in a variety of academic fields, SHARCNET provides a shared network of high performance computing capabilities – supercomputing – that is thousands of times faster than a conventional desktop. With these computers, researchers can obtain results within a day that would take a year to produce on a personal computer.

“This SHARCNET funding will go a long way to support research at Laurier and other institutions,” said Art Szabo, Laurier’s dean of science. “These funds will enhance the shared resources available to facilitate complex research in many areas of study, and will support Laurier’s graduate and post-doctoral research initiatives.”

SHARCNET research chairs appointed to Laurier include Dr. Gabriel Moreno- Hagelsieb, SHARCNET chair in biocomputing, and Dr. Giuseppe (Joe) Campolieti, SHARCNET chair in financial mathematics. Moreno-Hagelsieb’s research examines the genomic sequence of microbes, and Campolieti focuses on implementing new mathematical models and techniques for pricing financial derivatives.

“By supporting emerging technologies, the government is creating more high-value jobs and bringing more investment into the region,” explained Ontario MPP Chris Bently in a ministry statement.

Formally established in June 2001 as a consortium of five universities, including Laurier, and two colleges, SHARCNET has expanded to include a total of 16 Ontario research institutions. 


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