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March 28, 2017
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LORIS tips: How to make your course registration run smoothly

Jun 19/14

It’s that time of year when returning Laurier undergraduate students start to register for fall and winter term courses using LORIS. 

Laurier’s Information and Communication Technology Services (ICT) has made some significant system changes that should enhance the process. Meanwhile, the new registration time ticket system will mean there are fewer people trying to log on at one time, which should reduce the strain being put on LORIS.

Below are some additional tips and notes to help students as they prepare to register for courses.

Planning ahead:

1. Make sure you know when your registration period opens by finding your registration time ticket here:

  • This year, time tickets will be determined by the number of credits completed, rather than year of study. To find how many credits you’ve completed, visit the “Official Final Grades” or “Unofficial Record of Course Work” pages on LORIS. Any in-progress spring/summer courses WILL be counted in the number of credits completed; however, these credits will NOT appear on LORIS.
  • More information on the new time ticket system can be found here:  

2. Ensure that before you log in to LORIS, you have mapped out a conflict-free course schedule, including conflict-free first- and second-choice courses and ensuring that all course components – lectures, labs and tutorials – are also conflict-free.

  • To assist you in mapping out your courses before you log in to LORIS, please visit the Returning Student Guide, accessible from the LORIS home page, the Registrar’s Office page or here:
  • Please also check the Dynamic Class Schedule, which indicates which courses have restrictions, how many spots are available, and if there’s a wait list. The Dynamic Class schedule is accessible from the home page under the academic menu and “class schedules,” or here:

Other notes and tips to help make your course-registration process run smoothly:

  • Before your ticket opens, check your account for academic and financial holds, which could prevent you from registering for your courses.
  • Know the CRN codes for your courses. CRN course codes are four-digit numbers associated with each course and can be found using the Dynamic Class Schedule. Entering the CRN codes when you register can expedite the registration process.
  • Please be patient. At the beginning of each registration period, the system will be able to process many registrations at once; however, as more people log in and stay on the system, it will begin to slow down. This is normal behaviour. This does not mean the system is crashing.
  • Do not try to log in to LORIS on two browsers at the same time. The system will think you are attacking it, as this is a common hacking technique. This will result in the system locking you out. 
  • If you aren’t able to register for your first-choice course, register for your second choice, then check in periodically to see if spots have become available for your first choice.
  • Here are some additional FAQs that can help with the registration process:

Any questions regarding course registration can be directed to:

Service Laurier

  • @ServiceLaurier
  • 519-884-0710 ext. 2800, 202 Regina St. N., 2nd Floor (Waterloo)
  • 519-756-8228 ext. 5885, Grand River Hall, Rm. 202 (Brantford)

Information and Communication Technology Services (ICT) 

Service Laurier and ICT staff will be standing by to assist students during all registration periods. Please use #loris on Twitter, ICT monitors this hashtag during registration.

Updates about the LORIS registration system will be provided on the Laurier home page: and through Twitter: and Facebook:


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