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December 8, 2016
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Development of Laurier’s new website continues

Apr 1/14

Laurier’s web team continues to work with web strategy and design firm mStoner, as well as team members from ITS and CPAM, to develop the university’s new website. The website, which will use Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server as the content management system (CMS), will be rolled out in stages beginning in mid-to-late fall 2014.

Prototypes of web pages, similar to blueprints, have been developed. Prospective undergraduate, international and graduate students as well as internal users tested a prototype home page from March 6 to 10. User testing results and recommendations were presented in a formal report from mStoner, and the web team continues to test and modify the prototype based on these recommendations.

The design phase of the website has also begun. “Style tiles” have been created that explore options for the visual elements of the web page, such as fonts, colours and display concepts. The web steering committee reviewed various style tile concepts and selected a visual direction on March 17. mStoner is now using the chosen concepts to create a comprehensive design framework.

The web team is working with web steering committee members to define the website’s information architecture – how all the pages on the website are organized. Beginning in April, with help from the core web team, each department will be asked to create an inventory and evaluate existing content within their section of the current website, as well as determine additional content to generate during the implementation phase of the website development.

The website development timeline:

  1. Strategy Phase (Winter-Spring 2014): Planning the site’s navigation, marketing and communications strategy, and governance structure.
  2. Creative Phase (Winter-Summer 2014): Designing web page concepts and prototypes, creating a suite of web page templates, auditing the current website’s content and developing new content. 
  3. Implementation Phase (Summer-Fall 2014): Building and implementing the design of the new CMS using Cascade Server, creating and uploading content, and usability testing. The implementation phase will occur in stages to accommodate the immense amount of data that will need to be created and added to the new CMS.

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