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December 8, 2016
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Laurier Prof Carol Duncan helps release The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions

Dec 9/13

Carol Duncan, chair of Religion and Culture at Laurier, was at York University this November to help launch The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions, a major research publication for which she is a contributing editor and writer.

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions, published by the University of Illinois Press, represents the culmination of more than a decade of work and is the definitive reference for Caribbean religious phenomena from a Caribbean perspective. Organized alphabetically, the publication examines how Caribbean religious experiences have been shaped by, and have responded to, the processes of colonialism and the challenges of the postcolonial world.

“Too often the Caribbean cultural and historical context is subsumed under either a larger Americas/hemispheric or continental Latin American framework,” said Duncan. “The particularities of the Caribbean’s historical and contemporary realities including colonialism, indentureship, enslavement, movements of political and cultural resistance are omitted or relegated to literal footnotes. From Obeah to Orisha to Pocomania to Kumina and various other traditions, this encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview.”

For further information, visit the publisher’s website for The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions.


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