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October 25, 2016
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RRROLL up the rim so others can win

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Feb 22/11

It might just be the biggest thrill since Charlie Bucket tore open Wonka bars in search of a golden ticket: the breathless anticipation of rolling up the rim of a Tim Horton’s coffee cup hoping for a “win/gagnez.” 

But when Laurier development officer Cec Joyal rolled up the rim of her coffee cup six years ago, she saw much more than a win. She saw people in the region experiencing homelessness given the ability to enjoy a coffee and a muffin, a warm place to sit, and the dignity of ordering a meal for themselves. 

Joyal has volunteered at St. Louis Church’s Out of the Cold program since its inception in Kitchener-Waterloo 12 years ago. She began collecting winning rims and distributing them to the homeless and working poor as they left the church after a meal and an overnight stay. 

“In the past, I’ve collected enough to give each person a coffee tab and a muffin tab a few times over the course of the contest,” says Joyal. “It gives people somewhere warm to go when they leave the church in the morning.” 

In the six years since Joyal has been collecting the tabs, she’s received an enthusiastic response and helped hundreds of needy people in the region. 

This year, she’s spreading the word and hoping to collect as many as 500 tabs. 

“It’s an easy thing for people to do. I tell everyone I know,” says Joyal. “Now I’ve got little grade one children bringing my sister tabs at the Toronto school where she teaches  – they’re so proud.”  

The Out of the Cold program runs nightly between November and April and rotates among participating local churches. St. Louis Church in Waterloo accommodates about 75 people overnight and 125 for dinner each Sunday evening. The numbers are even higher for downtown Kitchener churches. 

“It’s rewarding work,” says Joyal. “But it’s sad when you see the same people return every year. You just hope they find a place to live and you won’t see them again.” 

Those wishing to donate their winning Roll up the Rim tabs can send them to Joyal in Alumni Hall or drop them off at the Centre Spot when it reopens after reading week. For further information, please contact Cec Joyal at or ext. 3864.


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