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December 4, 2016
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Arthur Stephen
Arthur Stephen

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Laurier VP joins experts advising European Commission

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Feb 26/07

Of the 23 university representatives selected by the European Commission to make up their Expert Group on Philanthropic Funding, only two are from North America. Arthur Stephen, Laurier’s vice-president: university advancement, is one of them.

Stephen, along with Fritz Schroeder from Johns Hopkins University and experts from countries ranging from Greece to Sweden, will develop recommendations for the European Commission (the executive governing body of the European Union) on how to increase the amount of philanthropic funding directed to European universities, and how to realize their full fundraising potential.

The group begin their process in Brussels today. They will analyze the current situation in the EU and abroad, discuss best practices in fundraising structures and donor relations, and examine how to extend philanthropic horizons beyond research funding.

As the first presenter at the upcoming meeting, Stephen will begin discussions by providing “an environmental scan of Canada and the fundraising approaches taken by universities across the country,” and comparing our efforts with those in the United States.

He’s well-suited for the role. Stephen’s nomination to the group stems from a major project on benchmarking in university advancement for the Association of Commonwealth Universities, which he presented to members of 16 different universities last year.

While Stephen will be sharing his knowledge with the other high-level officials in the group, he is also looking forward to bringing something back to Laurier. “It’s always insightful to see what others are doing,” he says. “There’s always something to be learned, not only from different universities, but also from the different contexts of philanthropy in different parts of the world.”

The group will present their guidelines to the European Commission later this year.

Lori Chalmers Morrison
Public Affairs


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