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December 4, 2016
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Multi-Campus Governance

Presidentís Task Force on multi-campus issues: Message from the President

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Mar 11/10

Wilfrid Laurier University has been a multi-campus institution since 1999 with the opening of the Brantford campus. Interactions between the Laurier Waterloo and Laurier Brantford campuses have evolved in a step-by-step manner as issues presented themselves. This has taken place without benefit of an overarching model of governance between the campuses. In short, Laurier is a federation of campuses, but we have not fully determined what type of federation we should be. We need to answer that question.

To this end, I have struck a Presidentís Task Force on multi-campus issues.

The work of David Docherty in his capacity as Senior Advisor, Multi-campus Initiatives, has been critical in clarifying key issue areas that the Task Force must address. They include, but are not limited to: changes in Board composition as one campus grows relative to another, Senate composition, faculty and departmental structures, decanal areas of responsibility, administrative functions, and academic support services. David Dochertyís work has also underlined the importance of ensuring that the decisions we take at this time are made with the larger picture and long-term future in mind, and with a firm understanding of our broader governance model.

The Task Force will be charged with providing recommendations to the university community including Senate and the Board of Governors as to how a "Laurier federation" should be structured. Its work, which will begin quickly, will be grounded in the Envisioning Laurier initiative and the recently approved Academic Plan. 

The considerations of the Task Force will include issues that transcend faculties, departments, campuses, and administrative units. Active consultations will be held as appropriate throughout.

David Docherty and Shereen Rowe will be working closely to support and complement the work of the Task Force. The following individuals, drawn from a variety of constituency groups, have agreed to be members.

Bruce Arai
Tony Araujo
Melany Banks
Bob Basso
Tom Buckley
Lesley Cooper
Ruth Cruikshank
Rudy Eikelboom
Sheila Hamilton
Ken Paradis
Kyle Walker
Colleen Willard Holt

Terms of reference are currently being formulated and, after review and discussion by members of the Task Force, the terms of reference will be finalized and publicized to the Laurier community.

The work of the Task Force may be supported by smaller working groups, drawing members as appropriate from the university and wider communities. It may also be supported by one or more consultants with experience in university multi-campus environments.

I anticipate providing updates to the university community as appropriate as the work of the Task Force progresses. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Dr. Max Blouw
President & Vice-Chancellor


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