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October 26, 2016
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Laurier instituteís research on federal election feeds national news outlets

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Apr 12/11

The Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP) has been tracking and interpreting opinion polls from across the nation to predict seat counts for Canadaís federal election on May 2.

LISPOPís electoral map and seat projection model are updated regularly as new polls are completed. The map directly feeds two national media chains: Postmedia Network, responsible for papers such as the National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun, and Global News.

The LISPOP team consists of Laurier political scientists, many of whom have appeared in various media outlets the past few weeks, including: CTV Toronto, 570 News, Waterloo Region Record, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Maclean's and Bloomberg Canada.

On election night, 10 Laurier-connected people will staff the decision desk for Global Televisionís election coverage. They will divide up Canadaís 308 constituencies and help inform people like Laurier Associate Professor Barry Kay about which areas to watch as they cover the results.

Early polls suggested a Conservative majority wasnít out of reach, but new polls suggest the Liberals are cutting into that majority and the result could be another minority for the Conservative party.

ďEarly on in the election process, more people are undecided and may only be slightly leaning one way or the other,Ē said Andrea Perrella, director of LISPOP and assistant professor in Laurierís Department of Political Science. ďAs the election heats up and gains more media coverage, it engages more people and the undecided become decided.Ē

The seat projection uses a regional-swing model algorithm created by Kay, who has used the algorithm successfully for more than 30 years of Canadian elections.

The seat projection is one of several features on LISPOPís election tracker coverage of the 2011 campaign. Visitors to can view a map of all federal constituencies, colour-coded to reflect the standing of each of the main parties and general level of competitiveness, as per LISPOPís analysis of the latest surveys.

Updates will also be announced through LISPOPís Twitter account, @LaurierInst.


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