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December 4, 2016
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Laurier welcomes new Canada Research Chairs

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Oct 19/11

As part of the federal government’s recent Canada Research Chair appointments, Wilfrid Laurier University is pleased to welcome three new Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) and the re-appointment of a fourth. Laurier is now home to nine Canada Research Chairs.

Laurier’s new CRCs are:

•    Canada Research Chair in International Migration (tier 2), Alison Mountz
•    Canada Research Chair in Forests and Global Change (tier 2), Jennifer Baltzer
•    Canada Research Chair in Market Insight and Innovation (tier 2), Tripat Gill
•    Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Modeling (tier 1), Roderick Melnik, has had his CRC appointment renewed

Mountz comes to Laurier from Syracuse University. She will be a part of Laurier’s Geography and Environmental Studies department. Her expertise in human geography, specifically in the area of refugees and asylum seekers, along with a focus on the role of international bodies, states and non-state actors in the management of migration and refugee processes, will contribute greatly not only to the Geography and Environmental Studies department, but also to Laurier’s International Migration Research Centre and the Balsillie School for International Affairs.

Baltzer comes to Laurier from Mount Allison University and she will part of Laurier’s Biology department. Her research involves quantifying tree species’ and forested ecosystems’ responses to climate change and human population pressures with the ultimate aim of improved forestry management and conservation. Her work currently involves ecosystems is Canada’s northern boreal forest, the Acadian forest in the Maritimes, and on the tropical Thai-Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia.

Baltzer has also been awarded $117,349 by the Canada Foundation for Innovation for infrastructure that will be used for the comparative analysis of boreal forest dynamics and water use.

Gill comes to Laurier from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He will be part of Laurier’s School of Business & Economics. Gill is investigating why we are resistant to innovative products that disrupt ordinary category stereotypes. For example, is a Smartphone a phone or a camera or a game console or a computer? Are men really expected to use face scrubs? Understanding the different psychological barriers to the adoption of such new products will help marketing managers with the strategies they use to communicate with consumers.

Gill has also been awarded $36,466 by the Canada Foundation for Innovation to establish a consumer research lab.

Laurier’s other Canada Research Chairs include:

•    Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights (tier 1), Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann
•    Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neoroscience (tier 2), Philip R. Servos
•    Canada Research Chair in Cold Regions Hydrology (tier 2), William Quinton
•    Canada Research Chair in Social Psychology (tier 2), Anne Wilson
•    Canada Research Chair in Group Dynamics and Physical Activity (tier 2), Mark A. Eys


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