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October 21, 2017
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Be aware of slips, trips and falling hazards this winter

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Dec 4/13

Preventing injuries is a smart goal for every safe and healthy workplace. Safety, Health, Environment and Risk Management (SHERM) provides Laurier community members with the opportunity to incorporate prevention methods into their everyday routines.

This winter, be aware of slips, trips, and falling hazards in and around Laurierís campuses.

  • Falls are the second leading cause of all traumatic workplace deaths (17.4 per cent).
  • Falls are the third leading cause of injury in all Ontario workplaces.
  • Falls from the same level are the leading cause of injury in the education sector and the leading cause of injury for those over age 55.

Safety tips for preventing slips and trips:

  • Get a grip and prevent a slip: Hold handrails when going up and down stairs
  • Watch your step: Take extra care when coming indoors with wet shoes or boots, and avoid or prepare for slippery surfaces (stay balanced and be ready!)
  • Donít slip up: Wear appropriate footwear, look where youíre going and donít be distracted (no texting and walking!)

Everyone has responsibility for health and safety as an essential part of their job. Report safety concerns to your supervisor.


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