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December 4, 2016
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Laurier research centre presents migration lectures with Mat Coleman and Kathy Kopinak

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Nov 8/13

Wilfrid Laurier University’s International Migration Research Centre is hosting two lectures at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, taking place Nov. 13 and 15, as part of the ongoing International Governance Speaker Series.

Mat Coleman is a professor of Geography at Ohio State University and the president of the Association of American Geographers’ Political Geography Specialty Group. He will visit the Balsillie School on Nov. 13 at 12:30 p.m. to present “Migra/Policia: Automobility and Immigrant Policing in the US South.” Research on new immigration to the US South says little substantively about how immigrant livelihoods have been shaped by the recent devolution of immigration enforcement powers to county sheriffs and city police. Drawing on new fieldwork findings from two counties in central North Carolina, Coleman explores the site-specific practices that constitute non-federal immigration enforcement, with a specific focus on policy surveillance of immigrant “automobility.” His research draws on feminist political geography insights about the state as an aggregation of local-scale practices rather than as a coherent, homogenous, single-minded entity.

Kathy Kopinak is a professor emeritus at King’s University College, University of Western Ontario. She will visit the Balsillie School on Nov. 15 at 12:30 p.m. to present “The Contribution of Export Processing Wages to Migration from Mexico to the US and from Morocco to Spain.” Export industries, called maquiladoras or maquilas in Mexico, are the result of regionalized and globalized economies, in which industries move to reduce their costs. The focus of the presentation is the distinct impact that characteristics of export processing industries (mainly wages) and borders have on emigration. Although it is widely agreed that cheap wages are a fundamental cause of industrial relocation from a company’s point of view, much less is known about how employees perceive and respond to such wages. In focusing on how distinct borders affect emigration, Kopinak will take into account the impact that the state in different jurisdictions has on wages and geography.

The International Governance Speaker Series is an extracurricular program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. On a regular basis, the school brings in speakers—scholars, practitioners, policymakers—to present on topics relevant to current affairs and foreign policy. The speakers are especially distinguished in their field and bring the latest research and insights to share with faculty, students and community members. A light lunch is provided.

Laurier’s International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) is located in the Balsillie School of International Affairs and serves as a focal point for debate, research, policy analysis and proposal development related to international migration and mobility at the global, national and regional scale. The IMRC establishes research relationships and seminars, sponsors research, assists with the development of research proposals, organizes and conducts conferences and links members of the business community, community organizations and governmental actors with academic scholars and scholarship.


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