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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
December 6, 2016
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Laurier Brantford

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Jun 2/16 Laurier’s 2016 Philanthropy Awards celebrate university's generous donors   Headline
May 25/16 Two Row Times:Highlighting Cultural Pride With Art   Headline
May 24/16 The Expositor: Speaker to discuss discovery of Franklin ship   Headline
May 11/16 Two Row Times: Improving mental health crisis response   Headline
May 5/16 Toronto Star: Former residents feel walled out of Huronia's future   Headline
Apr 29/16 Police partner with agencies to improve mental health crisis response   Headline
Apr 29/16 Program creates ‘neighbourhood change-makers’   Headline
Apr 29/16 Neighbourhood projects tap power of change   Headline
Apr 29/16 Dave Hind is building bridges with art   Headline
Apr 29/16 Prosthetic arm inspires sisters’ stories   Headline
Apr 5/16 The Expositor: Laurier hosts games fair on Tuesday   Headline
Mar 31/16 Brant News: Working together to raise awareness of cyber abuse   Headline
Mar 31/16 Brant News: LaunchPad participant Crossing All Bridges set to shred   Headline
Mar 31/16 Art project is about ongoing conversation   Headline
Mar 23/16 Brantford on fingerboard map   Headline
Mar 23/16 LaunchPad participant creates fingerboard frenzy   Headline
Mar 23/16 Woman eager to share her daughter's story   Headline
Feb 25/16 Tonight’s Nelson Mandela series lecture to be rescheduled   Headline
Feb 23/16 Great War lecture series resumes tonight   Headline
Feb 19/16 Edna Staebler Laurier Writer-in-Residence Drew Hayden Taylor to spend week at Brantford campus   Headline
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