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December 8, 2016
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Sep 25/15 Charlas con café   Headline
Sep 22/15 IA's of Lang & Lit   Headline
Sep 4/15 Dr. Schwieter & Dr. Ferreira begin work on “The Handbook of Translation and Cognition”   Headline
Sep 4/15 Two articles online by Nathalie Freidel :   Headline
Jul 22/15 Special issue on Francophone Literatures and Cinema edited by Dr. Simona Pruteanu   Headline
Jul 16/15 Learn a new Spanish word each day   Headline
Jun 26/15 Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”   Headline
Jun 24/15 Biljana Josifova, Recipient of the Alumni Gold Medal for the Faculty of Arts 2015   Headline
Jun 5/15 Dr. Sharon Marquart’s book published by the University of Toronto Press   Headline
May 25/15 Loriot’s 28 Shades of Grey. The Annual Senior (11/12) German High School Contest 2015   Headline
May 20/15 Dr Simona Pruteanu's article published in special dossier on Women in Francophone Maghrebi Literature   Headline
Mar 30/15 "App aims to improve vocab"   Headline
Mar 25/15 Book Promotion: 3rd edition of ¡Hola, amigos! Nelson Education, 2016. Co-editors: Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts and Rosa Stewart.   Headline
Mar 20/15 Waterloo March Break Open House   Headline
Mar 11/15 Dr. Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts latest article title:   Headline
Mar 6/15 The Writing Centre is Seeking Student Tutors for 2015-2016   Headline
Mar 6/15 Lang & Lit Newsletter, March 2015   Headline
Mar 4/15 Students of GM 111 celebrate German Karneval   Headline
Feb 25/15 Our Spanish VocApp apps is now available for free on Google Play and iTunes   Headline
Feb 11/15 Dr. John W. Schwieter appointed Visiting Professor at major research centre in London, UK   Headline
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