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October 18, 2017
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Hind A. Al-Abadleh

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Jul 29/16 Research award supports work to understand better ways to remediate noxious gases   Headline
Feb 23/16 Al-Abadleh received Imperial Oil University Research Award   Headline
Jan 11/16 Welcoming new members to Al-Abadleh's group   Headline
Sep 1/15 Our paper on the Surface Interactions of Monomethylarsonic Acid with Hematite Nanoparticles Using ATR-FTIR got accepted in Can J Chem!   Headline
Jun 3/15 Our paper on the Formation of Light Absorbing Soluble Secondary Organics and Insoluble Polymeric Particles from iron chemistry got accepted in EST!   Headline
Jun 2/15 Arthur received Professional Development Fund from WLU Graduate Students Association   Headline
Apr 2/15 Al-Abadleh received the 2015 Faculty Mentoring Award from Laurier Alumni Relations   Headline
Jul 23/14 Today, our group met with env engineering delegates from Chongqing University, China   Headline
Jul 9/14 Our manuscript on p-arsanilic acid complexation to iron oxide got accepted in JPC A!   Headline
May 11/14 Key article from EGU 2014 on the Anthropocene   Headline
Mar 31/14 Arthur won third place in the oral presentations of the physical chemistry section at SOUSCC! Congratulations Arthur   Headline
Mar 28/14 Arthur, Kevin and Sam are presenting at the Undergrad Chem Conference in Windsor..Good luck   Headline
Mar 10/14 Book review: The Burning Question in the climate change debate   Headline
Mar 10/14 Sabur successfully defended his MSc thesis and was nominated for academic excellence award   Headline
Feb 8/14 Essential Read from Science Magazine: Scientific Diversity Interventions   Headline
Feb 8/14 Willie receives $1000 scholarship from FOSSA - Congratulations Willie   Headline
Jan 29/14 Sabur was selected as 'February's Researcher of the Month' by WLU Graduate Students Association..Congratulations Sabur   Headline
Dec 11/13 Latest open access paper from Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASA assessing "dangerous climate change"   Headline
Dec 4/13 Cool video for a new technology to desalinate water   Headline
Nov 27/13 A Science article: "Plodding Progress for Women, Minorities in Science"   Headline
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