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October 23, 2016
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Mar 29/16 BSIA professor and CIGI Chair Audra Mitchell proposes Canada take a double bottom line approach in space resource race   Headline
Mar 29/16 Cyberbullying expert Dr.Law supports Amanda Todd's mother: “Carol’s talk has [motivated others] to stay strong”   Headline
Mar 21/16 New book by Laurier professor Kim Anderson challenges misconceptions of indigenous masculinity   Headline
Mar 21/16 Communication Studies professor Jeremy Hunsinger comments on CBC’s ‘ real name’ commenting policy   Headline
Mar 11/16 Environmental migrants from Dhaka breathe easier in Canada: featuring #Laurier professor Robert McLeman   Headline
Mar 8/16 Awareness [of the gender gap] would be number one says professor Ivona Hideg   Headline
Mar 8/16 Funding helps Elders get on the land and teach the younger harvesters the skills they need   Headline
Mar 8/16 This year is a good glimpse of the future of outdoor rinks says Laurier researcher   Headline
Feb 23/16 Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies researcher explores role of Nazi concentration camp   Headline
Feb 19/16 Lazaridis SChool economist Tracy Snoddon discusses Ottawa's inevitable role in carbon pricing   Headline
Feb 19/16 Professor Scott Nicholson explains why board games are thriving in the digital age   Headline
Feb 19/16 Holistic approch of "Better Beginnings, Better Futures" leads to positive impacts says Laurier researcher Geoff Nelson   Headline
Feb 15/16 Laurier Titanic expert Paul Heyer comments on new Titanic replica ship   Headline
Feb 12/16 Laurier Professor Eleanor Ty comments on the endurance of romance literature   Headline
Feb 5/16 Laurier researchers lay out climate change challenges for Trudeau government   Headline
Feb 5/16 Laurier professor Kim Dawson advises not to give up on 2016 resolutions   Headline
Feb 1/16 Event: “How do we transform the appeal that violent extremism has for some Muslim youth?”   Headline
Jan 27/16 Laurier experts to discuss implications of Paris Climate Change Conference   Headline
Jan 26/16 CBC: Professor Emeritus Carol Stalker studies effectiveness of walk-in therapy clinics   Headline
Jan 25/16 Canada Research Chair in Cold Regions Water Science speaks at United Nations University Water Health Seminar   Headline
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