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January 21, 2017
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May 12/16 Impressions of Language Attraction   Headline
Mar 21/16 Dr. Nathalie Freidel featured in a broadcast on Mme de Sévigné on the French National Radio.   Headline
Mar 16/16 A night of Language Theatre at the Turret on March 16th   Headline
Mar 1/16 HBA in Languages students hired as Undergraduate Research Assistants through research grant awarded to Dr. Schwieter   Headline
Feb 23/16 Dr. Schwieter and former student Gabrielle Klassen publish international peer-reviewed article on language acquisition and study abroad   Headline
Feb 18/16 Languages meet Art   Headline
Feb 11/16 Celebrating our students!   Headline
Feb 11/16 New Publication of Dr. Mercesed Rowinsky   Headline
Feb 2/16 Dr. Jane Newland publishes on French illustrator Jacqueline Duhême   Headline
Jan 29/16 Dr. Marta Marin - Domine's recent publication   Headline
Jan 22/16 Dr. Abderrahman Beggar invites you to MI202 class on Jan 25, at 5:30 pm, BA101   Headline
Jan 20/16 First-year Laurier students create handmade children’s books for preschool in Mexico   News Release
Jan 19/16 Dr Simona Pruteanu's article on memory and family secrets   Headline
Jan 6/16 Dr. Simona Pruteanu's latest publication   Headline
Dec 14/15 "Laurier professor appointed in a think tank in Barcelona".   Headline
Dec 4/15 The Storybook Project: a creative writing project with social meaning   Headline
Dec 2/15 Appreciation Lunch for Lang & Lit Instructor Assistants & Volunteers   Headline
Nov 24/15 Active learning aids language acquisition   Headline
Nov 6/15 Marta Marin-Domine joins Think Tank for “ Project for the implementation of a Politics of Memory for the City Council of Barcelona”   Headline
Nov 4/15 Wilfrid Laurier students speak Spanish sooner in special classrooms   Headline
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