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December 5, 2016
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Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation Centre (MDRC)

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Sep 13/14 Waterloo Record Newspaper - MDRC joins national strategy to fight dementia   Headline
Sep 11/14 BREAKING NEWS   Headline
Sep 5/14 7th Annual LAURIER LOOP   Headline
May 12/14 Waterloo Parkinson's centre celebrates decade of helping patients   News
May 1/14 Matt Lasswell receives movement disorders research award   Headline
Apr 29/14 Laurier student researchers receive prestigious honours for work on Parkinsonís disease   Headline
Apr 16/14 Shannon Lefaivre receives International Summer Fellowship from Parkinson's Disease Foundation   Headline
Apr 16/14 Eric Beck receives Ontario Graduate Scholarship   Headline
Apr 7/14 Boston University researcher to speak at Laurier for Parkinson's Awareness Month   Campus Update
Feb 5/14 Dr. Almeida invited speaker in Israel   Headline
Jan 14/14 Researcher associated with Laurier centre wins Health Research prize for work on Parkinsonís and driving   Headline
Jan 13/14 Almeida recipient of one of Laurier's 2013 Teaching Awards   Headline
Jan 13/14 Recipients of the 2013 Teaching Awards Honoured   Headline
Nov 8/13 Music & Medicine Research Symposia includes Dr. Quincy Almeida   Headline
Oct 7/13 MDRC Team is Represented at the World Parkinson's Conference   Headline
Sep 30/13 6th Annual Laurier Loop continues to support MDRC   Headline
Sep 3/13 Golf Tournament raises over $12,000 for Parkinson's Research   Headline
Jun 25/13 Dr. Almeida speaks at the Brain and Mind Research Institute in Sydney, Australia   Headline
Jun 14/13 Dr. Quincy Almeida is honoured to accept NASPSPA Award   Headline
Jun 12/13 MDRC team attends NASPSPA Conference in New Orleans, LA   Headline
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