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December 9, 2016
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Apr 13/16 Laurier researcher explores details of gender wage gap   News Release
Mar 2/16 The Lazaridis School Economist-in-Residence Speaker Series presents Christopher Ragan (McGill University), Chair of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission.   Headline
Feb 24/16 Lazaridis School economist Tracy Snoddon discusses Ottawa's inevitable role in carbon pricing   News
Jan 4/16 Dr. Tracy Snoddon Associate Professor of Economics & Associate Director, Viessmann European Research Centre and Maxine LeBreton MABE student interview Dr. Jeffry Frieden, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics 2015 Economist-in-Residence   Headline
Dec 18/15 Lazaridis School of Business and Economics students compete in final round of Bank of Canada competition   News
Dec 4/15 Laurier Economics students are finalists in the Bank of Canada Governorís Challenge competition   Headline
Nov 4/15 Laurierís Lazaridis School of Business & Economics presents Economic Outlook 2016   News Release
Oct 27/15 Tracy Snoddon presents to the C.D. Howe Institute's Energy Policy Council   Headline
Oct 26/15 Laurier Economics professor Tammy Schirle discusses what the Liberal victory means for public pensions in Canada in the Globe and Mail   News
Sep 28/15 Laurier Economics professor Bradley Ruffle co-authors study on the relationship between beauty and employment   Headline
Sep 18/15 Laurier Economics professor Logan McLeod comments on universal pharmacare   Headline
Sep 15/15 LCERPA launches the "Think Like a Canadian Economist" video series   Headline
Aug 4/15 ďAre Good-Looking People More Employable?Ē asks Associate Professor Dr. Bradley Ruffle in a recently published article in Management Science (August 2015)   Headline
Jun 19/15 Dr. Brian McCaig publishes (co-authored with Dr. Nina Pavcnik) "Informal Employment in a Growing and Globalizing Low-Income Country" in the American Economic Review (May 2015)   Headline
Jun 15/15 Laurier Economics grad's inspiring journey makes headlines   Headline
May 28/15 Refugee overcomes many hardships to graduate from Laurier with top honours   Headline
May 22/15 Laurier Economics professor David Johnson comments on standardized testing in Ontario schools   Headline
May 20/15 In Memory of our colleague Dr. Peter Sinclair   Headline
May 12/15 MABE alumna Beata Caranci appointed Chief Economist at TD Bank   Headline
Apr 30/15 Kourtney Koebel receives the LCERPA Undergraduate Research Award   Headline
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