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October 25, 2016
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Nov 28/12 Study and Research in Germany: Scholarships & Information for Students, Faculty & Researchers   Headline
Nov 2/12 Establishing long-term forestry tenure in the Northwest Territories   Headline
Apr 9/12 Post Doctoral Fellowship in Permafrost Hydrology, Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary   Headline
Mar 30/12 New Graduate Student Needed - Oilsands Wetland Reclamation   Headline
Mar 19/12 Laurier Environmental Studies Professor part of $6.7m NSERC Oil Sands Collaborative Reclamation Study   Headline
Mar 3/12 18th Annual Tri-University Graduate History Conference   Headline
Feb 8/12 World Water Day Graduate Student Research Fair and Water Celebration   Headline
Jan 30/12 Graduate Student Opportunities - Northern Ecology and Hydrology   Headline
Jan 30/12 Undergraduate Field Assistants Needed.   Headline
Dec 2/11 1st GNWT - WLU Partnership Newsletter   Notice
Dec 2/11 New Graduate Research Opportunities   Headline
Dec 2/11 New Graduate Student Needed - Wildfire Research in the Western Boreal Forest   Headline
Dec 2/11 New Graduate Student Needed - Subarctic Wetland Carbon Research   Headline
Dec 2/11 Undergraduate Student Field Assistant Needed - Western Boreal Forest Ecohydrology Research   Headline
Oct 20/11 CRRC and IWS to Host FLOW Canada Forum   Notice
Sep 1/10 Inuit Tuttarvingat   News
Aug 24/10 Liberal Report   Headline
Aug 24/10 CRRC & IWS Sign Research Agreement with the Government of the Northwest Territories   Headline
Jul 7/08 CRRC Graduate Receives Prestigious Northern Resarch Award   Headline